Monthly Archives: November 2003

Google in Fortune

More Google IPO speculation. One point of special interest: the article discusses how AOL, among others, is worried that Google not only provides search (complementary to AOL services) but also aims to be a destination portal (competitive with AOL services). Aversion to bureaucracy is turning out to be better in theory than in practice. People … Continue reading Google in Fortune

Where the money is going

Academic libraries are funded to support the research and learning activities of their home institutions. As research and learning behaviors change so must they. A major issue for academic libraries in coming years is the increasing discrepancy between the needs of their faculty in science, technology and medicine and their ability to address such needs. … Continue reading Where the money is going

CCC enables links with sfx and xanedu

Through Copyright Clearance Center’s Copyright Integration Services, Ex Libris, a leading supplier of software solutions for libraries and information centers, and XanEdu, a publisher of online and offline course materials for the higher education market, now provide a convenient way for their application users to lawfully reuse copyright protected materials. [UKSG Serials-eNews: Serials-eNews]

Metasearch meeting

Several of the attendees from the October 30 NISO metasearch workshop gathered later that evening to discuss protocol requirements for metasearch. The meeting was initiated on behalf of the SRW implementors who are trying to understand the protocol requirements for metasearch. [The SRW implementors are trying to understand the IR requirements for metasearch] The report … Continue reading Metasearch meeting

The deadline Books: The Deadline: A Novel About Project Management. Yes, I’ll say that again, a novel about project management. Some of you of course will be familiar with DeMarco …

SAKAI – significant open source initiative

The University of Michigan, Indiana University, MIT, Stanford, and the uPortal consortium are joining forces to integrate and synchronize their considerable educational software into a pre-integrated collection of open source tools. This will yield three big wins for sustainable economics and innovation in higher education: 1) A framework that builds on the recently ratified JSR … Continue reading SAKAI – significant open source initiative

Office space

Saw a ref to this Mercury News story on Slashdot. At Cisco, employees without offices can use computers set up in comfy lounges and conference rooms. It’s a similar story at Sun, where legions of nomadic workers use their building access badges to log onto shared computers. [Mercury News | 11/17/2003 | Valley firms ditch … Continue reading Office space

Which Fedora?

Apparently RedHat has trademarked ‘Fedora’. See Fedora Project, sponsored by Red Hat. Cornell and University of Virginia, developers of the Fedora digital library software, are not too happy with this. An excerpt from their press release: The Cornell and Virginia teams have taken a number of steps to try to work with Red Hat regarding … Continue reading Which Fedora?

Dolorous Gorman

Students graduate from the successors to library schools without a basic education in the core skills that define an effective librarian – reference work, cataloguing, library instruction, collection development, etc. – and without a grounding in the basic values of our profession – service, intellectual freedom, stewardship, literacy, etc. This is a crisis that is … Continue reading Dolorous Gorman

Wils review

Tom Zillner has written a review of Lorcan Dempsey’s The Recombinant Library: Portals and People (28 pp.). See Tom’s review (three-page PDF). [WiLS News]