Monthly Archives: November 2003

Downhill after 40

Kasparov has been asked to enter politics – Russia’s answer to Arnold Schwarzenegger – but is undecided. Soon he may have time for it. Surely, at 40, his chess mind is in decline? “Absolutely! You can’t throw energy of nuclear size into the game. Obviously you’re losing concentration with age. Because at age 20, you … Continue reading Downhill after 40

Windows Rights Management Service

Not much detail at: Microsoft is finally set to launch officially its Windows Rights Management Service (RMS) next Tuesday at the RSA Europe show. The Redmondiands had been hoping to launchearlier in October, so as to be ready by the time Office 2003 rolled out, but an alleged last-minute bug nixed that plan. RMS consists … Continue reading Windows Rights Management Service

Web design and usability guidelines

A resource from the National Cancer Institute:Research-Based Web Design & Usability Guidelines The “Strength of the Evidence” scale provides designers and developers with an indication of how seriously they should consider each guideline. A five-point scale is used to denote the “strength of the evidence” related to each guideline. The more valid the studies directly … Continue reading Web design and usability guidelines

Adopting open source

Open source is an easy choice for the Early Adopter customer: low cost, time to market, and extensibility offer significant business advantage. It’s not such an easy choice for Pragmatists, however, as a single provider will never deliver the Whole Product. For Pragmatists to reap the benefits of open source, they will need to use … Continue reading Adopting open source


There was some discussion about blogs at the all staff meeting the other day. I have little sense of what penetration Catalogablog has, or how widely read Jon Udell’s weblog is, or who looks at Dave Beckett’s JournalBlog. I do know that they are all valuable, well-informed resources. They are different. David Bigwood, who does … Continue reading Blogs

Udi Manber and A9

There does not seem to be much available on the web about Amazon’s new search technology company, A9. Nevertheless, the online retailer recently placed Manber at the helm of A9, a separately branded company based in Palo Alto, Calif. He’s charged with hiring and building the “best e-commerce search technology” for internal use and third … Continue reading Udi Manber and A9