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Changing library environment

I have been looking at some of the presentations of Andrew Pace listed at NCSU Libraries Staff Presentations. Andrew is head of systems at NCSU Libraries and writes and presents frequently. In the light of OCLC discussions about ‘unplug and play’, I was interested in his presentation on the disintegrated library system. Also interesting on … Continue reading Changing library environment

Roy Tennant on bibliographic data and XWC

The point is we need to craft standards, software tools, and systems that can accept, manipulate, store, output, search, and display metadata from a wide variety of bibliographic or related standards. Our systems should be able to accept an ONIX record from a publisher, which contains basic bibliographic fields and elements like cover art, and … Continue reading Roy Tennant on bibliographic data and XWC

Electronic book collections at Michigan

The University of Michigan University Library has unveiled a free online collection of more than 20,000 volumes. The body of materials, named the “Digital General Collection” in homage to the library’s original print General Collection, represents the beginning of Michigan’s efforts to make available online a comprehensive body of library materials through a systematic digital … Continue reading Electronic book collections at Michigan

Garfield on open access

Since it has been demonstrated that on line access improves both readership and citation impact we can certainly expect that the vast majority of the low impact journals would be well advised to make their journals open access. Whether this increases their impact remains to be seen, but increased readership or attention seems inevitable. [AMERICAN-SCIENTIST-OPEN-ACCESS-FORUM … Continue reading Garfield on open access

Bray in Dublin

mmm… Tim Bray reporting on a visit to Dublin, Ireland. He doesn’t appear to get to the Brazen Head and seems to think that it rains a lot.


Another announcement from VTLS .. “We are happy to be able to bring to reality (in the form of a working system) the intellectual work done by the Library of Congress, OCLC, BNF and others in developing the FRBR model,” said Dr. Vinod Chachra, CEO of VTLS Inc. “I believe that the FRBR OPAC will, … Continue reading VTLS and FRBR


VTLS announces OAI support. Blacksburg, VA – VTLS today announced the release of a new “open source” product called VORTEX. The product is an add-on to VIRTUA systems and is designed to help libraries expose their MARC based records to OAI harvesters used in building specialized databases of information about resources, thus making their libraries … Continue reading VTLS and OAI

VTLS and Fedora

Eric drew my attention to a press release noting that VTLS is going to support the open source digital asset management system, Fedora, as part of their product range. Blacksburg, VA – VTLS announced today the debut of a new era in library automation with the company becoming the first major ILS vendor to lead … Continue reading VTLS and Fedora

Common solutions group

A group of universities collaborate on technical challenges within the Common Solutions Group (formerly the Stone Soup Group). What they say they do: The Common Solutions Group (CSG) is a set of leading universities and mid-level networks working together to create a common infrastructure and toolset required for the future of our institutions. Where feasible, … Continue reading Common solutions group

Library organizations .. relations

During an idle weekend moment … I took a list of library organizations — Library of Congress, RLG, OCLC, Urban Libraries Council, CLIR, ARL, ALA, CNI, IMLS — and did a ‘find related’ or ‘find similar’ search on them in Google (they use both related and similar for the same search). (Note: I didn’t look … Continue reading Library organizations .. relations