Monthly Archives: February 2004

Cringely on SCO

6) As for SCO, they’ll continue to make noise until the middle of the year, at which point the legal case will implode and the company will give up. By that time, the company executives, insiders, and major investors will have all sold their positions at a handsome profit. This was never more than a … Continue reading Cringely on SCO

Modelling digital information assets

There was some discussion of digital object management and the relevance or otherwise of FRBR at the staff meeting this morning. A couple of relevant references. The first is work being done at Harvard: We have done some very preliminary investigation towards defining an abstract reference model for digital library objects, based on a FRBR-like … Continue reading Modelling digital information assets

National OpenURL service

A national OpenURL service has just been announced in the UK. The OpenURL Router works by offering a central registry of institutions’ OpenURL resolvers. An institution registers details of its resolver just once, at When the resolver has been registered at, any service provider can provide users from that institution with OpenURL links … Continue reading National OpenURL service

Yee on RDF

Raymond Yee has an interesting and frank discussion of his attempts to grapple with RDF and the Semantic Web. Ever have some subject area that you think that you should be able to understand but can’t quite manage despite valiant attempts? You know that it shouldn’t be that hard but, for some reason, it eludes … Continue reading Yee on RDF


I have busy week following return from travel, so there will be no entries for a few more days here. I will post some stuff about travels next week. Incidentally, I notice that wireless access is now available at Columbus Airport.