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Mooter search engine

Mooter‘s graphic display does not do much for me.

Libraries and Learning

Bob Martin has been emphasizing the role of libraries and museums in support of learning. I now notice that the Institute of Museum and Library Services tagline includes the phrase “dedicated to creating and sustaining a nation of learners”. That the end of libraries is learning has been a constant refrain of Bob Martin’s. Now … Continue reading Libraries and Learning

House of Commons librarian

Quite a bit of discussion in the UK at the moment about the recently advertized post of Librarian for the House of Commons (one of the two houses of parliament). Very high salary for a UK Librarian. Cause for discussion is that the librarian is paid more than a Member of Parliament. The origins of … Continue reading House of Commons librarian

Common information environment

Report in the The Guardian about a somewhat aspirational UK initiative working to create stronger interoperability between information services across health, cultural sector, education, etc. Reading it, it occurs to me that we are seeing two responses to the Amazoogle factor: in one there is an emphasis on aggregation through ‘portal’ or ‘metasearch’ activities, in … Continue reading Common information environment

NYT on Gates and public libraries

The NYT is carrying an article on the impact of the Gates Foundation on public libraries through grants for technology adoption.

OAI and Apache

The aim of the project is to create the mod_oai Apache software module that will expose content accessible from Apache Web servers via the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH). The mod_oai project is generously funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. [mod_oai]

SRW interface to RDN

The RDN provides a public SRW (SOAP) search interface to the RDN ResourceFinder. The RDN SRW interface conforms to SRW version 1.1. [Working with the RDN] If you want to search for ‘banana’ ;-): Note that it also supports simple DC and IMS views of the records. For those who like Perl, the following script … Continue reading SRW interface to RDN

Elsevier CEO on open access

Reed-Elsevier argues value of existing publishing model. The use of scientific information is spreading as technology allows more researchers to access more information more frequently. Since 1999, the number of articles downloaded via Elsevier’s electronic portal ScienceDirect has doubled each year, reaching 175 million downloaded articles in 2003 as its worldwide usership reached 5 million. … Continue reading Elsevier CEO on open access

Lay indexing and Google

Interesting article about Google. The Google algorithm assumes mythical proportions. The culture of lay indexing has been created by the aggregation strategy employed by Web search engines such as Google. Meaning is constructed in this culture by harvesting semantic content from Web pages and using hyperlinks as a plebiscite for the most important Web pages. … Continue reading Lay indexing and Google

First Monday article on OSS

However, Open Source technology continues to remain foreign to the large majority of computer users. In order to accommodate these users, I believe that the five issues I mentioned must be seriously addressed and actively resolved. Due to the increases in Open Source usage, these changes should take place as soon as possible. They should … Continue reading First Monday article on OSS