Monthly Archives: May 2004

Who reads blogs

Survey results show characteristics of blog readership. This survey shows that blog readers are older and more affluent than most optimistic guestimates: 61% of blog readers responding to the survey are over 30, and 75% make more than $45,000 a year. [Blogads: reader survey for blog advertising.]

Guidelines for use of identifiers in DC and LOM metadata

This document provides guidelines for encoding a number of commonly used identifiers in Dublin Core (DC) metadata [DCMI] and IEEE Learning Object Metadata (LOM) [LOM] records. [Guidelines for encoding identifiers in Dublin Core and IEEE LOM metadata]

Campus IT issues

The top IT issues for universities are listed in an article in the current EDUCAUSE REVIEW | May/June 2004, Volume 39, Number 3. Not many surprises. Finance a major issue: Accelerating demands for IT services and rising costs for IT infrastructure renewal and support, coupled with institutional budget cuts at many colleges and universities, have … Continue reading Campus IT issues

Google apologizes for result caused by ranking

Aaron Swartz notes interesting Google action: Google has “bought” an ad for the search term Jew that goes on top of the first result so they can apologize for their first result! [Jew Watch Watch (Google Weblog)]

Official Google blog

Get the latest word direct from the Googleplex about new technology, hot issues, and the wide world of search. [Google Blog]

Public higher education

Transcript of Second HEPI Annual lecture: the destruction of public higher education in America and how the UK can avoid the same fate by Robert Reich, Clinton’s Secretary of Labor, is now available. Let me just assure you that first of all I have spent half of my adult life in the public sector in … Continue reading Public higher education

Who owns the data

An interesting set of blog entries discuss the centralised massive presence of Google in the loosely coupled web world. Is control of computing power or data more important? Not quite either, says Phil Wainewright: Once this happens, it’ll matter less and less where the computing physically takes place, since computation will simply migrate to where … Continue reading Who owns the data

Hal Varian on IT as a commodity

Hal Varian reviews Nicholas Carr’s book Does IT matter:

Data curation

Interesting overview of survey of scientists, librarians and others about need for research data curation services. Includes a schematic of future e-research data flows. [ppt in pdf]

LAM and memory

The policy framework for libraries, archives and museums has come together in several contexts, although actual services have not converged much. IMLS in the US, MLA in the UK, and other bodies have cross-domain responsibilities. I have just come back from visiting the newly formed Library and Archives Canada, but that is as yet an … Continue reading LAM and memory