Monthly Archives: May 2004

McGrath on classification

Much followed blogger Sean McGrath on classification and metadata. My favorite example of shelf-stuff type 3 came from the same bookstore where they filed Dublin’s Bus and Train timetables under ‘General fiction’. The Bus and Train company was not amused. [E-BUSINESS IN THE ENTERPRISE – Would the real source of metadata please stand up?]

Google vs phone vs library

Light-hearted exercise where the library is pitted against Google in answering vital questions of the day. Google, the world’s most popular internet search engine, is about to offer shares to the public. It has built its reputation on being the fastest and most accurate way to find information. But is the internet really the quickest … Continue reading Google vs phone vs library

Sun’s policy on public discourse

Many of us at Sun are doing work that could change the world. We need to do a better job of telling the world. As of now, you are encouraged to tell the world about your work, without asking permission first (but please do read and follow the advice in this note). Blogging is a … Continue reading Sun’s policy on public discourse

Suber on OAI and OR

Some nice remarks by Peter Suber in his latest SOAN: As I read the news, both halves of this prediction are coming true. On the one hand, mainstream, non-academic search engines are looking for ways to index scholarly content. Starting with OAI-compliant archives and CrossRef-compliant publications is a natural, both because the data are well-structured … Continue reading Suber on OAI and OR

Decline in use of catalogs

Some interesting data from Dan Greenstein about relative use of catalog (and the library’s physical holdings) and the newer digital licensed resources. Use of online journals and reference databases that the library licenses (but rarely owns) grows dramatically year on year (CDL 2002). The use of online public access catalogs (a measure of demand for … Continue reading Decline in use of catalogs

RSS reader and FireFox

RSS Reader Panel, a FireFox extension, provides a reader nicely integrated with the browser. Clean and simple and so far good enough for my modest requirements.

Google trademark

Wired article on Google IPO has this interesting snippet on the impact of adoption of google into common parlance on its trademark status: The use of the term “google” as a synonym for “search” — a phenomenon that on the surface seems no more than a tribute to the popularity of Google — could have … Continue reading Google trademark