Monthly Archives: October 2004

Externalizing the Blog

I have maintained this Blog for a year now, writing for colleagues internally at OCLC. We have decided to externalize it. I wonder will the dynamic change very much … The focus is on libraries and network services, and on libraries more broadly. It is quite general, although readers will notice recurrent themes.

Learning object metadata

A couple of recent studies have provided some rich data about the use of IEEE-LOM metadata. Jean Godby analyses the choice of elements in Application Profiles in a recent article, pulling together data from 35 projects. The focus here is on the choices made by designers of Application Profiles, based on the presumed needs of … Continue reading Learning object metadata


A particularly rich issue of Ariadne has just appeared, with a strong international flavor. It includes significant articles on a theses plugin for Dspace, the Dutch institutional repository initiative, Dare, portal frameworks, recent developments at the National Library of Australia, ISBN-13, and learning object metadata. And there is a strong selection of conference reports and … Continue reading Ariadne

Adobe, Yahoo and service recombination

There is a growing desire to provide service at the point of need, or “at the point of inspiration” as Tim Cadogan of Yahoo says. Yahoo and Adobe have announced a collaboration around the Yahoo toolbar which will put Adobe and Yahoo functionality together on the desktop. This is another example of ‘recombinant service provision’, … Continue reading Adobe, Yahoo and service recombination

Edinburgh and Harry Potter

Edinburgh has been named UNESCO’s first City Of Literature. JK Rowling supported the bid. The dossier presented to more than 180 UNESCO delegates contained a foreword by JK Rowling, among others. She underlined that the books in the Harry Potter series have been largely created in the city. [University of Edinburgh News & Events – … Continue reading Edinburgh and Harry Potter

Collection and service description update

Juha Hakala and Pete Johnston give a useful update of Collection and Service description within the NISO Metasearch initiative at the DCMI meeting in Shanghai. Despite several years of activity, it seems to me that the issues discussed in this presentation have yet to come into real community focus. Maybe the NISO Metasearch initiative will … Continue reading Collection and service description update

Bookmarklets, xISBN and Find in a Library

Corey Murata notes some nice lookup features for OpenWorldCat on Web4Lib today. This prompts me to note the OpenWorldCat xISBN bookmarklet. We make a range of bookmarklets available, originally inspired by Jon Udell’s library lookup. The innovation we have added is that we incorporate xISBN functionality, which allows the search to include all the versions, … Continue reading Bookmarklets, xISBN and Find in a Library

Recombinant potential displayed

A short video has been produced as part of the JISC X4L program to show interoperability in action. I like to think of interoperability as recombinant potential and this video shows this very well. It looks at assembling a learning object from other objects in a learning object repository and moving it between different systems … Continue reading Recombinant potential displayed

Embalmed genius

I was familiar with Newman’s characterization of the library as ‘the embalming of dead genius’. Now, I can see it in context in the online collection at the National Institute of Newman Studies.

Westerville web

I like Westerville Library’s web presence. It thinks about itself in terms of user interests, rather than library offerings. It incorporates news headlines. It gives you access to the catalog directly from a search box on the home page (all libraries should do this), has some materials from the interesting Anti-Saloon League Museum, and packs … Continue reading Westerville web