Monthly Archives: November 2004

British Library and wireless

The introduction of wireless networking at the British Library has been noticed in several places. More interesting than the announcement itself, I thought, were some of the findings from their market research. John De Lucy, the Library’s Head of Estates and Facilities, commissioned Building Zones, consultants in providing technology that changes the way people use … Continue reading British Library and wireless

Bibliographic access division

The Bibliographic Access Division of the Library of Congress has released its Stratgic Plan FY2003-2008 Goals and Initiatives for Fiscal Years 2005-2006 [pdf]. Its vision is The Bibliographic Access Divisions (BA) lead in providing immediate and convenient discovery of the universe of knowledge and creativity. Its mission is To provide effective access to information resources … Continue reading Bibliographic access division

Institutional incentives

Some nice remarks in Diglet on Paul Conway’s recent presentation on institutional repositories at OCLC. I can’t think of a better way for a librarian in the year 2004 to spend an hour than to listen to this presentation by Paul Conway, Director, Information Technology Services, Perkins Library, Duke University. Download the slides and the … Continue reading Institutional incentives

Dutch archive

An article in Research Information provides some context for the relationship between the National Library of the Netherlands and Elsevier for archiving of the latter’s output. Karen Hunter, senior vice-president for strategy at Elsevier and responsible for this digital archiving initiative, explained the relevance of this agreement: ‘It is essential that we will be able … Continue reading Dutch archive


ELF (e-learning framework) is an international initiative which aims to provide a context within which functional components can be identified, and then defined as web services. A goal appears to be a consistent communications and design framework within which to align development. Presentations from a recent conference are now available, embedded within a descriptive narrative. … Continue reading ELVish

The library website

There is an interesting digest of Libqual results in the current ARL Bimonthly Report. What particularly caught my eye was the discussion of the library website: Yet according to LibQUAL+TM data, many library patrons, particularly undergraduates are not taking full advantage of the information available from library Web sites. While about 40% of faculty at … Continue reading The library website


Among the many discussions of Firefox: As useful as the features and usability tweaks are, there is something much more interesting about Firefox and Thunderbird, and that is the sense you are dealing with well-polished end user applications and not collections of components. Firefox and Thunderbird represent a new breed of open source projects that … Continue reading Firefox

Service registry and UDDI

The latest edition of the Collection Description Focus Newsletter has an update on the JISC IE Service Registry. The IESR is currently accessible on the web at and through Z39.50 (details at An OAI-PMH (Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting) repository of IESR records is currently under development. This will provide the … Continue reading Service registry and UDDI

Top books

We have released a list of the top 1000 works in WorldCat. This list is unlike some other lists in that we have consolidated the various manifestations of a work as best we can and factored that into the ranking. To do this we used our FRBR work-set algorithm with some subsequent manual editing. We … Continue reading Top books

Search and search

Walt Crawford explains in the current Cites and Insights [pdf] how Lorcan Dempsey and Walt Crawford have been linked by Do a search on either of our names and you are asked do you want the other. Perhaps it is because our names co-occur on a variety of bibliographies and other lists. Nevertheless, it … Continue reading Search and search