Monthly Archives: December 2004

Fielded search and citation ranking in Google Scholar

The introduction of a limited fielded search in Google Scholar has been noted in several places. I mention below the apparent role of citation in ranking. Together, these are interesting as they are responsive to the particular characteristics of the materials in Scholar and are a departure from the general Google approach. It raises a … Continue reading Fielded search and citation ranking in Google Scholar

Preservation bulletin

Michael Day and Gerard Clifton do their usual thorough job with Issue Number 9 of the What’s new in digital preservation bulletin. This is a very valuable resource, which would be even more so if it were made available as an RSS feed.

Powerpoint points: access, preservation and identity

People have different styles with powerpoint presentations. Mine tend to be developed close to presentation and to be somewhat elliptical: points to keep me on course. Others are more carefully plotted narratives. Nevertheless, I find that quickly looking through a conference or workshop program of presentations can give quite a useful overview of current activity … Continue reading Powerpoint points: access, preservation and identity

Looking ahead and ranking

John Battelle’s predictions for search, rss, blogs and other stuff for 2005 are an interesting read. My eye was caught by number 7: 7. Yahoo and Google will both test systems that combine local merchant inventory information with search, so that merchants can use search as a direct sales channel. By the end of the … Continue reading Looking ahead and ranking

RSS and journal TOCs

Leigh Dodds reports that Ingenta is delivering TOC data using RSS. The Tony Hammond article linked to has been widely noted. To be precise: in excess of 20,000 new RSS feeds containing the latest table of contents data for the academic journals that are still being actively loaded into our databases. Like our friends at … Continue reading RSS and journal TOCs

Amazon web services

A growing number of businesses are building out on top of the Amazon platform. A couple of interesting discussions of this trend are noted here, one which draws comparisons to Google, the other with eBay. An article in MIT Technology Review: While companies such as Google and Microsoft are also experimenting with the idea of … Continue reading Amazon web services

Generation so-not-you

Christmas morning … Lorcan: let’s read the instructions first … Children: gone …

U Winnipeg website

The University of Winnipeg Library and Information Services website is one of the most engaging I have seen for a while. Others might learn from it. The colors, layout and logo are bright and fresh. The central panel displays library news; a flow of news means it is not static. It incorporates a general newsfeed … Continue reading U Winnipeg website

Services on the network

Several posts ago, I suggested that on the network everything is a service. I have said this at a couple of meetings recently, and registered some blank expressions. A part of this is that the specialised sense of service (an interface to functionality on the network) is not the first thing that many people hear … Continue reading Services on the network

Multiple intersections with behavior and lifestyle

I ran across several apparently unrelated things recently: The Wall St Journal reports that Ray Charles’ Genius loves company was strongly assisted to a No 2 chart spot by sales in Starbuck’s (September 9, 2004; Page B3). In fact Starbuck’s accounted for 30% of its sales. The story quoted a music executive as saying that … Continue reading Multiple intersections with behavior and lifestyle