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The library community has deployed several niche protocols. Most were developed before the web, and perhaps need to be updated to be more ‘webby’ if they are actually to be more widely used. Certainly, in their current state they are unlikely to be used outside of the library community whatever about within. Two protocols which … Continue reading OAI and SRW/U

Services, repositories, elearning, metadata, …

Wilbert Kraan of CETIS has a nice overview of some recent meetings surrounding the IMS Melbourne meeting. Discussion about service-oriented-architectures, repositories, metadata and all the usual suspects. Having said all of that, John’s main argument is that the e-learning is in the middle of a second wave. The first was about the spread of VLEs, … Continue reading Services, repositories, elearning, metadata, …

The value of libraries

I mentioned the proposed cut in library staff by the administration at Bangor University a few days ago. This continues to make the news. A story in the national Guardian newspaper quotes from the University proposal: The document reads: “The support to the academic and student communities from the qualified subject librarians, whatever its contribution … Continue reading The value of libraries

Works 4 you?

Dorothea left a comment which wondered how one would present FRBRized results to the user. We have been working on this internally. This screenshot shows an approach. Now, please note that this is an internal prototype at the moment. We are working on how to roll some of this into the way that works are … Continue reading Works 4 you?

Reading in the bath

One of the more dreary library arguments over the years has been the ‘reading in the bath’ case against digital resources. In this context, I was interested to see this story in the new(ish) Make: blog from O’Reilly: Here are some photos of a new iPod Shuffle waterproof case. I’m making a few cases of … Continue reading Reading in the bath

Pooling uncertainty

Posts have been light recently as I have been on the road. I have just come back from The Netherlands where I was at a meeting of the management groups of OCLC and OCLC|PICA. At that meeting I had been asked to do a short presentation comparing the ‘library landscapes’ in North America and Europe. … Continue reading Pooling uncertainty

Unanticipated uses

Now that people have economical access to large amounts of storage on the iPod new uses are emerging. Ratib and his programming partner Dr. Antoine Rosset set about developing a software application that uses the iPod and other off-the-shelf Macintosh equipment to manipulate, manage, and move medical imaging data between departments and workstations. [Of MRIs … Continue reading Unanticipated uses

FRBR fervor

Various of my OCLC Research colleagues have long thought that a work-based approach to bibliographic data would better serve user needs. The ability to enter an information space at the work level, and then to drill down to the various editions, translations and so on that manifest that work has seemed preferable to the presentation … Continue reading FRBR fervor

The cost of managing serials

The rising cost of serials occupies much discussion bandwidth. However, the cost of managing serials, including the A&I discovery apparatus, is also considerable. A growing number of libraries are investing in some or all of the metasearch/resolver/electronic resource management/knowledge-base suite of tools and associated data management services. They continue to invest significantly in A&I databases. … Continue reading The cost of managing serials

Metasearch white paper

VIEWS, to remind you, is a group of system and service providers to libraries who have come together to explore issues surrounding the deployment of web services. They have recently published a white paper on the use of web services in metasearch [word]. Searching of local and remote search targets is already carried out using … Continue reading Metasearch white paper