Monthly Archives: February 2005

A modular digital object repository framework

An overview of the recent work on repository frameworks being done by Herbert van de Sompel and his colleagues at Los Alamos National Laboratory is available. This paper [pdf] will appear in The Computer Journal.

A midwestern harvest

The CIC Metadata Portal provides access to a range of collections in the CIC libraries. Metadata is harvested from collections distributed among CIC members. There is also a useful set of background materials on metadata and OAI.

Linking to libraries

Herbert left a comment a while ago on my message about linking to library catalogs. He suggested that the OpenURL was an appropriate way of making these links. We agree, and will be working with OpenURLs where possible. Our main aim is to get into the catalog, so we will also ‘deep-link’ where applicable. My … Continue reading Linking to libraries

Virtual and physical union catalogs

The CC-Interop project has been looking at the articulation of physical union catalogs and federated catalog approaches. A conference report and set of conference slides have appeared. From the discussion of Z39.50: There still exist considerable variations between all of the systems tested in their support for Bib-1 attributes [11] to the extent that there … Continue reading Virtual and physical union catalogs

Software as a service?

Ex Libris announces SFX as a network ‘service’. As I suggested a while ago, I think that it is inevitable that we will see much more of this type of application. Libraries spend a lot of time managing a systems framework which is increasingly complex. They need to find ways of reducing this mechanical complexity. … Continue reading Software as a service?

iPods again

I may have to get one of these things: All you Vegans with iPods can now rest easy when cooking away from home. Enrique Quintero’s Pod Gourmet Vegan Edition is a collection of 277 Vegan recipes neatly organized and ready for download to your iPod. [Josh Rubin: Cool Hunting: PodGourmet Vegan Edition]