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Aura again: habent sua fata libelli

This post continues the discussion of aura, digitization and ‘mechanical reproduction’ initiated below, and relates it to remarks of Fintan O’Toole reported in another post. JD is right to suggest that aura is about more than uniqueness. It is about the ‘historic testimony’ of the object, the traces it bears of where and what it … Continue reading Aura again: habent sua fata libelli

The Annotated Times

Blogrunner has an interesting service where they integrate blog commentary with the New York Times: The Annotated New York Times. Paul Krugman appears to be the most commented upon author at the moment. Spotted in John Naughton’s Memex 1.1.

Quotes about order and disorder

Order seems very much a part of the public perception of the library, often counterposed to the potential disorder of the materials themselves. I was struck by this looking at recent entries. I mention aura below. I plan to come back to Benjamin’s discussion of aura in a future post, pulling in his discussion of … Continue reading Quotes about order and disorder

Public libraries in Dublin

Fintan O’Toole has a wonderful essay on the public library in The university of the people: celebrating Irish public libraries. He calls it: “Reading, writing and rebelling: growing up with public libraries”. Unfortunately, it does not appear to be on the web. The whole eight pages is almost worth quoting! [Public libraries] matter not because … Continue reading Public libraries in Dublin

Aura and digitization

Writing here about the digitization initiatives in the “Google 5” libraries a while ago I referred to aura: Walter Benjamin famously asserted that “that which withers in the age of mechanical reproduction is the aura of the work of art”. In his terms, the aura is that which is original or authentic about a work. … Continue reading Aura and digitization

Systems in the network world

The last year has really made it clear that library systems sit in a broader network environment. The emerging integration challenge is integration with the systems environment of the user. This makes it more important to think about the broader network systems environment. As I look at that broader environment, I see four emphases. 1. … Continue reading Systems in the network world