Monthly Archives: June 2005

Libraries, maps and platforms

Thom previews Mike Teets’ library mapping demo on the evolving Product works page. This page will be enhanced in coming weeks to showcase various of the ongoing initiatives which will find their way into OCLC services. Google Maps seems to have sparked a growing interest in location-based services, partly because it has opened its interface … Continue reading Libraries, maps and platforms

Subscribe is the new search

Well maybe a bit of an exxaggeration … … but it is interesting reading the Microsoft discussion about how subscribe has joined browse and search as modes of interaction. This seems to be resonating, for reasons which will be clear to anybody who has set up watchlists in Technorati or uses PubSub. With increasing adoption … Continue reading Subscribe is the new search

Keeping the noise down

A silent disco at Glastonbury Festival! There was no music coming from the speakers – but the clubbers were all equipped with cordless headphones to let them tune into the music, able to choose between two DJs and control their own volume. [BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Glastonbury keeps the noise down] This is in … Continue reading Keeping the noise down

Library system consolidation

Some discussion about the SirsiDynyix merger from a UK and a French perspective. Each notes the commentary in Peter Evans’ useful resource Biblio Tech Review.

In the flow

Workflow is important. We often think of the network as multiple individual opportunities: a mass of websites. However, just as we increasingly work, learn, research, and play in a network environment, so will services evolve to reduce effort and improve effectiveness. These services will support flow construction and resource integration – tying together tasks and … Continue reading In the flow

Side by side searching for Lorcan

I may have to switch to Yahoo! Search as my default search engine. Searching in Twingine for lorcan puts me as the number one Lorcan in Yahoo! and the number two in Google 😉 Twingine allows you to search Google and Yahoo! Search at the same time. It brings each up in a vertical plane … Continue reading Side by side searching for Lorcan

Really writing

And while talking about writing, here’s Dervala again: And that’s why engineers are reliable teachers of business writing. They’re not paid to make up words. They’re not afraid to commit to the end of a sentence. They care about efficiency and elegance, and see them as related. They get excited about “hard problems”, not “challenging … Continue reading Really writing

OCLC Blogs

I usually don’t talk about library blogs and blogging. However, it would be strange not to note Jenny Levine’s reflective, pointed and kind comments about blogs by OCLC staff. I often think that it is a pity that the Cluetrain Manifesto is presented in such a way as to appeal to a part only of … Continue reading OCLC Blogs

Rewarding experiences

It is nice to note a couple of recent awards. Thom describes the results of our first software contest. First, because we intend to run it again next year. Dazhi (David) Jiao of Bloomington Indiana won for his OPAC (sorry if that link isn’t working, David is moving it to a more permanent location) that … Continue reading Rewarding experiences

Yes, an Irish [high]school education ….

…. was very much like this. [Note: non-Irish readers will have to read the above post to fully understand the rest of this one.] The “perceived prestige of high points requirements” that is described was very real. With a decisiveness that has marked my subsequent career ;-), I switched successively from law to engineering to … Continue reading Yes, an Irish [high]school education ….