Monthly Archives: July 2005

Search interfaces

Another paper from Dan Rehak. A useful comparison of machine interfaces for search. There are several available interface specifications, protocols and APIs for repository search and information retrieval. This document compares key characteristics of these to inform selection or profiling of one or more of these specifications for use within a CORDRA(TM) implementation or within … Continue reading Search interfaces

Groningen thoughts

The LIBER 34th Annual Conference in Groningen was a congenial event in an engaging city. LIBER, for those unfamiliar with it, is an organization which brings together European research libraries. I left thinking about three things, based on the presentations I saw and the conversations I had: Managing the collective book collection. There was much … Continue reading Groningen thoughts

Open Source and OpenURL 1.0

OCLC Research publishes a range of open source software, some of it quite widely used. The latest addition to this range provides resolution capability for OpenURL 1.0; see the announcement here and some description of OpenURL support here. OR open source software now includes support for SRU, OAI-PMH and OpenURL 1.0 – together emerging as … Continue reading Open Source and OpenURL 1.0

Serving network people

A few months ago I was pleased to give a short presentation [ppt] over dinner at the Agnic Tenth Annual Meeting. I was looking forward to it as I had interacted with Agnic colleagues closer to the beginning of that 10 year span, and generally I like going to events where I am sure to … Continue reading Serving network people

Crawling library resources

A colleague points me to Tony Boston’s discussion of how the National Library of Australia has exposed NLA resources for crawling and indexing by search engines. The National Library of Australia is making digital copies of special collection materials available over the Internet. About 100,000 collection items including pictures, maps, sheet music, manuscripts, and some … Continue reading Crawling library resources

Libraries and academic books

On my travels I have been reading the weighty Books in the digital age by sociologist John B Thompson. He discusses the impact of library budgets on the publication of scholarly monographs in several places. The most important fact in explaining the decline in the sales of scholarly monographs is to be found in the … Continue reading Libraries and academic books

Value and impact

The LASER Foundation commissioned a report [pdf]from PriceWaterhouseCoopers looking at how one might measure public library impact. The report argues that public libraries have demonstrable impact and proposes “practical and consistent approaches to measuring impact”. I liked this quote from a member of the public: (My mother) finds the library a lifesaver as (she) meets … Continue reading Value and impact

That Reading Room again

More about the The British Museum Reading Room, which was until recently a part of the British Library – until the latter moved to its new accommodations at St Pancras. Some years ago I was asked to contribute an article to a British Library publication on digital libraries. I wanted to write about place, and … Continue reading That Reading Room again

The Flattening Manifesto

In a couple of recent posts I have used the expression all that is solid melts into flows when talking about the impact of the network. I noted that it adapts a quotation from a well-known long term occupant of the old British Museum Reading Room. As I had been using it in this way, … Continue reading The Flattening Manifesto

Easing up

I am going to be travelling throughout much of July, on a mixture of vacation and presentations. I will be working my way around Ireland, the UK, and the Netherlands. So posting will likely be light. First stop is the LIBER 34th Annual Conference at the University of Groningen next week where I am talking … Continue reading Easing up