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The collective collection

There is an interesting piece in the current Update about Chemistry collections in the UK in the light of some recent high profile closures – of both chemistry departments and libraries. It is a practical discussion of some aspects of the growing interest in the ‘collective collection’. No doubt we could add to these questions. … Continue reading The collective collection

Book handles again

Herbert left a comment on my note below about the Open WorldCat URL syntax, and there were a couple of comments along similar lines on Karen’s FreeRangeLibrarian post. The gist was why not use the OpenURL syntax for these links. Sure .. we see OpenURL as very important moving forward (as discussed before) and it … Continue reading Book handles again


Kierkegaard: Take away the paradox from a thinker and you have a professor. [Jonathan R�e on Kierkegaard. LRB 4 August 2005]

Book handles

Look at the URLs in these sentences: I have spoken about the The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman several times recently. It is available in several libraries near where I live. They conform to a URL syntax that OCLC has just published (details here) that will be supported consistently. This means that if you … Continue reading Book handles