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Business week web – socializing, sharing — and creating

Noted in several places, Business Week talks about what the web has become: The Web is no longer for idle wanderings or passive viewing. It’s about socializing, sharing–and creating [BusinessWeek Magazine: Best of the Web Special Report and Survey Results] There are articles on various aspects of changing web experiences and technologies. Includes an interview … Continue reading Business week web – socializing, sharing — and creating

Hwaet! Such swift search, SRU on a cluster

My colleagues write about parallel text searching on a Beowulf Cluster in the current DLib Magazine: This article describes our experience building a scalable, relatively inexpensive, and fast searching framework that demonstrated 172 searches per second on a database of 50 million records. The article should be of interest to anyone seeking an inexpensive, open … Continue reading Hwaet! Such swift search, SRU on a cluster


An article in the current D-Lib Magazine describes StoneD, a bridge for moving content between DSpace and Greenstone instances. They must have decided against the attractive alternative – GreenSpace?

The anatomy of an aggregate collection

Over the coming years we will take a more active role in managing aggregate or collective collections: thinking about the best disposition of collections within particular inter-institutional policy environments. The opportunity costs of managing print collections will ensure that this happens. My colleague and I state this as follows in an article just published in … Continue reading The anatomy of an aggregate collection

Starbucks and other coffee houses – an observation and a prediction

It seems to me that the role of the coffee house, and it must be said, Starbucks in particular given its reach, in the contemporary urban setting is becoming clearer. Starbucks provides time-place alignment in busy, moving lives: in other words it provides ‘on-demand place’. It provides a place which is convenient at the time … Continue reading Starbucks and other coffee houses – an observation and a prediction

Browser integration of search

Interesting post on the Amazon Web Services Blog: Microsoft’s IE blog is reporting on the behind the scenes efforts which lead up to the recent announcement that IE7 will support’s OpenSearch interface. You can read even more about this on the A9 blog. [Amazon Web Services Blog: Behind the Scenes at Microsoft, A9, and … Continue reading Browser integration of search

Picture this

I managed to spend an hour or two in the Prado last weekend (and in the very relaxing Botanical Gardens opposite afterwards). I was in Madrid at meetings held in parallel with the DC-2005 conference which continues to discuss metadata issues ten years on. I was amazed to see how much photography was going on … Continue reading Picture this

Easing up

A brief work trip to Spain followed by an emergency appendectomy (spelling?) have slowed things down here for a while. More later ….

IR frameworks

Institutional repositories for the research sector: feasibility study [pdf] is a report prepared for the National Library of New Zealand. I was interested to see the role of the National Library moving this forward. From the initiative’s Wiki: A repository framework for New Zealand The National Library of New Zealand, in collaboration with the Council … Continue reading IR frameworks

NARA selects provider

The ability to manage records through time is critical to the NARA mission. It has no choice but to manage electronic records. It has just announced a $307M contract with Lockheed-Martin to provide the Electronic Records Archive. In making the announcement, Professor Weinstein said, “I am indebted to those who acted decades and centuries ago … Continue reading NARA selects provider