Monthly Archives: September 2005

OpenURL Resolver Registry

This is a pointer to a new Alpha service from OCLC, the OpenURL Resolver Registry. This is a nice idea which potentially extends the utility of the OpenURL by providing a switch between a user/user application and an appropriate resolver. OCLC is utilizing a phased approach in this project. The alpha phase, which is underway, … Continue reading OpenURL Resolver Registry

Project Arrow

I have mentioned Arrow a couple of times: Arrow is an Australian project looking at national Institutional Repository infrastructure. Geoff Payne, the Arrow project manager was in OCLC recently discussing how they might integrate some of our schema transformation work. He gave a well received presentatation to OCLC staff and colleagues from OhioLink and some … Continue reading Project Arrow

Service architecture

A DLF Working Group, of which I am a member, has been working on approaches to service frameworks or architectures. A progress report is available, and DLF is looking to engage some dedicated effort to advance the work to its next stage. A Service Framework is a tool with which a community collectively organizes its … Continue reading Service architecture

New model library system vendors

The formation of SirsiDynix prompted a couple of interesting posts. Kenton Good predicted that there would be another coming together this year and wondered would it be Innovative Interfaces and Endeavor Information Systems. He speculated that: Ex Libris feeling isolated will radically shift their business model. Leveraging their plans to modularize their ILS, they will … Continue reading New model library system vendors

Amazoogle in the catalog(ue)

The Olympics are coming to London in 2012. I was looking at some of the Olympics material, and spent some time looking at the University of East London site. UeL will be a venue for some events. I notice that the catalog gives you the option to select Amazon and Google to search in parallel … Continue reading Amazoogle in the catalog(ue)

Simpler licenses

I mentioned a while ago that Thom is looking into our OCLC Research Public License to see how we can do what we want to do in as simple a way as possible. We feel that there is too much case by case discussion. In that context I was interested to see this entry from … Continue reading Simpler licenses

BBC America

The remaking of Doctor Who by the BBC a while ago was a nostalgic moment for many. Certainly for me, who had grown up with it, it was. Although I have not yet seen an episode of the new version. The BBC — radio and TV — has been a companion from early on. And … Continue reading BBC America