Monthly Archives: October 2005

A book is a book is a book …

I came across the following lines in Derek Mahon’s Selected Poems this morning. They are from The Joycentenary Ode, a poem written in a Joycean idiom … Everybaddy reads Your wooks now in Unlimited eruditions; Now maybe my ears are especially sensitized to such issues (from our FRBR work) but I wondered if we were … Continue reading A book is a book is a book …

Engaging the viewer/listener

The BBC has been a web innovator, and has a significant international web presence. Tom Coates has a post on a current project looking at user annotation of audio. This was interesting to me for several reasons which touch very closely on current library issues. First, he briefly describes the changing landscape of broadcasting in … Continue reading Engaging the viewer/listener

Gordian cluetrain

One of the themes of the Cluetrain Manifesto was that the conversation between customers was more important than managed unilateral communication from a company to customers. It then follows, it argued, that companies should enter the conversation with customers in helpful ways. Markets are conversations, it said. In that context, I was interested to see … Continue reading Gordian cluetrain

A suite of library blogs

I just landed serendipitously on the Georgia State University page of library news and blogs. An interesting selection. More generally, I find that I expect to see news as a central part of a website. Websites that are not volatile are not worth stopping by.

Reviews …

I have now written two reviews in Open Worldcat. On beauty by Zadie Smith Islandbridge by John Brady It has spurred me to think of lists of things it would be nice to read again and review. I am currently rereading one of my favorite novels as I am prompted to contribute something about it. … Continue reading Reviews …

Open Content Alliance

The Open Content Alliance has been meeting. Some of the discussion has been blogged here and in an earlier entry. I am also grateful to Peter for a link to the following Book presentation of background. This is available on the open library website. Last week, the Internet Archive launched Open Library, a Web site … Continue reading Open Content Alliance

COinS again

I have mentioned COinS a couple of times. Dan Chudnov has a nice site which provides bookmarklets and Greasemonkey scripts which support linking to institutional resources by acting on COinS embedded in web pages. It leverages the data in OCLC’s Resolver Registry: Below is a form for finding bookmarklets and greasemonkey scripts to support COinS … Continue reading COinS again

Nature technology

There is an interesting presentation [ppt] by Timo Hannay of Nature Publishing Group on the UC Berkeley Database Group Seminar pages. This shows how a major publisher is thinking about what it means to be a service in a network environment. It discusses how they are looking at structure and interaction as integral parts of … Continue reading Nature technology

Bridging to user environments – 3G

Think of services provided to human interfaces as P-services – where p stands for person (or presentation). Think of services provided to machine interfaces as M-services where m stands for machine (or mediated). Our dominant model of delivery is P-service, a web interface oriented for presentation to human users. M-services have tended to be a … Continue reading Bridging to user environments – 3G

Stanford and iTunes

An interesting announcement from Stanford and Apple about making Stanford materials available on iTunes: Stanford on iTunes will provide alumni–as well as the general public–with a new and versatile way of staying connected to the university through downloads of faculty lectures, campus events, performances, book readings, music recorded by Stanford students and even podcasts of … Continue reading Stanford and iTunes