Monthly Archives: October 2005

A laser like focus

Several people at Access 2005 asked me how I found time to do blogging. The answer is simple: a laser like focus and disciplined multitasking … It was my birthday on Wednesday. The folks at Access kindly presented me with a cake after I spoke! I celebrated on my return. The picture shows the birthday … Continue reading A laser like focus

Conference, blogs and a book

Access 2005 was a conference with a very individual flavor. The geeky concentration mixed with the more general made it a very fruitful experience. Presentations built on each other. A collegial attention to common solutions ran through the meeting. It made one feel good to be surrounded by so many people so keen to make … Continue reading Conference, blogs and a book

The discretion of bloggers

It is quite difficult to be private: we leave traces everywhere. What we spend, who we speak to on the phone, where we live, our credit history: it all goes into the record. I have just spoken at the very congenial Access 2005 conference, in Edmonton. The conference had active blogger participation (aggregated at Planet … Continue reading The discretion of bloggers

Top 1000 works

I am pleased to note that we have updated the OCLC Top 1000 list. This is a list of the most widely held works in WorldCat, which in turn represents the holdings of many thousands of libraries around the world. A work brings together the various editions, translations and so on of an item. Naturally, … Continue reading Top 1000 works

Nobel prize

I notice that Harold Pinter has won the Nobel Prize for literature. I also saw the other day a suggestion that the jury had delayed their decision amid reports of disagreement over making the award to Turkish author, Orhan Pamuk. One sometimes wonders what non-literary factors weigh in the balance in these decisions. For example, … Continue reading Nobel prize


I often point to powerpoints or collections of conference presentations. I am going to sneak in an entry here which points to our own website where we list presentation and publications. Check out, for example, Eric Childress’ recent presentation [ppt] – Pattern recognition for technical services – looking at technical services in the context of … Continue reading Presentations

Pessimism of the intellect; optimism of the will

Peter Brantley and Dan Chudnov, as reported by Jeremy Frumkin, are concerned about the capacity of libraries to respond in changing times. See here and here for Peter and Jeremy’s posts respectively. ‘conversation’ is one of the big Web 2.0 words and they must have interesting conversations at the California Digital Library, where Peter works. … Continue reading Pessimism of the intellect; optimism of the will

From metasearch to distributed information environments

The papers from the recent NISO OpenURL and Metasearch meeting provide a very useful roundup of the state-of-the-art in the declared subject area. But they also touch on other topics facing libraries as they construct distributed information environments. Some things that lodged with me as I skimmed powerpoint: One stop shop vs an ecosystem of … Continue reading From metasearch to distributed information environments

Authentication and authorization

The Task Group on access management from the NISO Metasearch Intiative – chaired by my colleague Mike Teets – has made a very useful report [pdf] available. This provides a framework within which to examine existing authentication and authorization methods, and describes those methods. It encapsulates nicely current understanding of issues and approaches. Within the … Continue reading Authentication and authorization

The reader and OpenWorldCat

Well, it has arrived! Functionality has gone live in OpenWorldCat which allows us to incorporate user views of materials. Check out the details and reviews tab here, for example. We do not know how this will develop: we think it is really important to provide a central presence on the web where libraries and readers … Continue reading The reader and OpenWorldCat