Monthly Archives: November 2005

A handful of presentations

I just noticed how out-and-about my OR colleagues have been in the last few months. Here is a note about presentations since September, pulling in a variety of things in passing. System and service architectures David Bigwood asked recently about the Microsoft Research Pane. We have been using it as a way of providing services … Continue reading A handful of presentations

Circulating intentional data

I have posted a couple of times recently about intentional data, data that records choices and behaviors. I mentioned holdings data, ILL records, circulation records, and database usage records. One could extend this list to any data which records an interaction or choice. We are used to looking at transaction logs of various sorts, and … Continue reading Circulating intentional data

On Beauty and community

I see that On Beauty is for now on top of the list of ‘hot books’ at the justly admired Ann Arbor District Library website. It must be because of the Open WorldCat reviews 😉 While I was there, I noticed the Director’s Blog, in which there was real exchange about issues. I was intrigued … Continue reading On Beauty and community

Geek novels

Jack Schofield, pioneering technical journalist, and Guardian blogger, has polled his readers for their top ‘geek novels’. Check out his results. Here is his top fifteen: 1. The HitchHiker’s Guide to the Galaxy — Douglas Adams 85% (102) 2. Nineteen Eighty-Four — George Orwell 79% (92) 3. Brave New World — Aldous Huxley 69% (77) … Continue reading Geek novels


I was sad to see the announcement of George Best’s death. I am not a great sports fan and would only occasionally watch soccer. But growing up when George Best was playing, and playing at his peak, was to see magic. During those years he brought uplift and pleasure into millions of lives; he played … Continue reading Best

Premis prize

The Premis Working Group has won the Digital Preservation Coalition’s award for the best work in digital preservation this year. The work is for the Premis Data Dictionary. Interestingly, the award is sponsored by Paul McCartney – an appropriate song reference escapes me. Maybe ‘the long and winding road’. Congratulations go to Priscilla Caplan and … Continue reading Premis prize

Aggregate intentions

I was interested to see the announcement about Ebsco and web services for bringing together Counter data. The wide acceptance of the Project COUNTER Code of Practice has assisted greatly in the standardization of how usage data is counted and presented. Libraries are now looking to consolidate this normalized data as input for collection development … Continue reading Aggregate intentions


Nicholas Carr on Dan Farber on blogging: For all the self-important talk about social networks, couldn’t a case be made that the blogosphere, and the internet in general, is basically an anti-social place, a fantasy of community crowded with isolated egos pretending to connect? Sometimes, it seems like we’re all climbing up into our own … Continue reading QOTD

Where is the web?

Some commentary on how the experience of the web will move from one where destinations dominate to one where lightweight client-side approaches shape presentation and consumption. This is a world where links matter more: services built on URLs, maybe Coins, …. From Darwinian Web: The explosion I am talking about is the shifting of a … Continue reading Where is the web?


The NYT story on Sid Verba has been noted in several places. This quote caught my eye. James Hilton, the interim university librarian at the University of Michigan, for example, said that he asked his staff a year ago to estimate how long it would take to digitize the library’s seven million volumes. The answer … Continue reading QOTD