Monthly Archives: November 2005

Do you mesh here often?

Every now and again you read something that shifts your thinking a little. This happened to me just now when I read the following from Ray Ozzie, CTO at Microsoft: As an industry, we have simply not designed our calendaring and directory software and services for this “mesh” model. The websites, services and servers we … Continue reading Do you mesh here often?

Discover, locate, … vertical and horizontal integration

I was involved in some work years ago which developed the discover-locate-request-deliver string of verbs to talk about integrating library services. One emphasis of the work was that discovery was one part only of a whole chain (discovery2delivery – D2D) through which requirements were met. Requiring the user to complete the D2D chain by manual … Continue reading Discover, locate, … vertical and horizontal integration

Storage and logistics

Optimising storage and access in UK research libraries [pdf], a report commissioned by The Consortium of University Research Libraries (CURL), in the UK, and the British Library, has been made available. It is addressing an issue which is arising now across the library community, and is being addressed in various regional, national and other policy … Continue reading Storage and logistics


British student phone service dot mobile is providing a service which compresses classics into a text message idiom to help with revision. Here is the summary of Pride and Prejudice: 5SistrsWntngHsbnds.NwMenIn Twn-Bingly&Darcy Fit&Loadd. BigSisJaneFals4B,2ndSisLizH8s DCozHesProud.SlimySoljrWikam SysDHsShadyPast.TrnsOutHes ActulyARlyNysGuy&RlyFancysLiz.SheDecydsSheLyksHim.Evry1GtsMaryd. [Guardian Unlimited Books | News | If you don’t want to know how Bleak House ends, look away … Continue reading 2b?Ntb?=?

Tag teams

There is an interesting article in Business 2.0 about the ‘Flickrization of Yahoo’. Indeed, the Flickr purchase helped ignite a larger strategy. Thanks to a new generation of managers like Butterfield and Fake, Yahoo is starting to see how user-generated content, or “social media,” is a key weapon in its war against Google (‘GOOG’). That … Continue reading Tag teams


The University of Edinburgh has published a calendar with images from its special collections …

FRBR fervor

FRBR is another of those things that we have given a public-unfriendly name to. This is a pity, because the concept is one that makes a lot of sense to people when they understand it. For example, in discussions about how OpenWorldcat data is surfaced in search engines this is one of the things that … Continue reading FRBR fervor


From the Economist: Although search technology is constantly tweaked to provide better performance and more relevant results, studies by Microsoft have shown that around half of all search queries fail to provide the information that users want. “We need to get offline content online. Offline is where trusted content is, and where people who need … Continue reading QOTD

Blogs, media and voice

Ian Buruma, author and Henry R. Luce Professor of Human Rights and Journalism at Bard College writes an interesting piece about the soundtrack of protest, and finishes with some comments about blogging: As the mainstream media, especially in the US, have become part of the same corporate entertainment empires that own most popular music, there … Continue reading Blogs, media and voice

Space, cost and value

An interesting short article about the University of Chicago building plans: The poll of 5,700 students’ library usage habits on campus reveals the use of electronic resources is not crowding out use of libraries for research using conventional stacks, reference materials and other physical resources, as some have feared. [A new library survey supports expanding … Continue reading Space, cost and value