Monthly Archives: January 2006

URLs and the ‘p’ words

Identifiers are a topic of ongoing investigation in a variety of contexts, and as more of our activities are driven by network workflows, supply chains and other data flows, they become more important. There are multiple active identifier discussions underway in our community as we speak. It is this topic that my colleague Stu Weibel … Continue reading URLs and the ‘p’ words

Quotes of the day: Reading lists and bookstores

The Times Higher Education Supplement (the UK equivalent of the Chronicle) has a piece about reading lists which had a couple of interesting paragraphs (unfortunately behind a paywall). About reading lists: But it was the digital revolution that really threw the relationship into disarray. Students no longer put up with faint photocopies of a list … Continue reading Quotes of the day: Reading lists and bookstores


One way of characterising recent developments is to look at our locus of engagement with the network. We can see a trend from database, to website to workflow. And this is not really surprising. As more of our working, learning and playing lives moves onto the network we need better workflow support. One can state … Continue reading Networkflows

xISBN and composition

We have been pleasantly surprised at the uses people have made of xISBN. This is a web service which on input of an ISBN returns ISBNs in the same work set. It is an outgrowth of our work on FRBR. A partial list of people who have looked at it or incorporated it in services … Continue reading xISBN and composition

Frameworks and reference models

There has been a lot of discussion in various quarters of late about Frameworks or Reference Models for the library and related communities. Of immediate relevence, DLF, JISC/DEST and NISO have been looking at various ways of modelling the information environment in terms of processes, services (services in a technical sense, as a machine-accessible component … Continue reading Frameworks and reference models

Live labs

I notice that Microsoft has set up Live Labs, a rapid development and prototyping group which will work on new ideas and directions and engage outside collaborators. From the manifesto by Gary Flake: This pattern is not merely about new applications. It’s about a revolution in how we create, share, and refine anything that can … Continue reading Live labs

Liquid media

In my last entry on Starbucks I suggested that it provides, in addition to coffee, on-demand place. People use it for meetings, network rendezvous, downtime, … I also suggested that we would see Starbucks selling music by the track. And, hey, where did I end up while briefly in San Antonio the other day? In … Continue reading Liquid media

Loan data

I notice that the test catalogue at the University of Huddersfield is showing loan history. Quite nice. Does it tell you everything about the book? No. Is it interesting? Yes. Does it enhance the user experience? Well, it did mine. I even played with it for a while looking to see what sort of profile … Continue reading Loan data

A palindromic ILS service layer

Maybe we need an ILSSLI. That’s ILS Service Layer Interfaces, or maybe ILS Service Layer Initiative. Lots of things have come over my horizon recently where interesting interfaces are talking to the integrated library system in the background. Here are some: There is the much lauded NCSU catalog which needs to communicate with ILS data … Continue reading A palindromic ILS service layer

Reeling and writhing – again

I write slowly. In that regard I have found doing the blog quite liberating. I find that I can write much more quickly here because it almost has a throwaway quality. However, this has meant that I have not ‘published’ as much over the past year or two as I have at other times during … Continue reading Reeling and writhing – again