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Many years ago, my wife Ann worked as a cataloguer on the small team at The British Library creating the Eighteenth Century Short Title Catalogue (ESTC). It was a good project to work on as people knew that they were making something special. It was also interesting in that the cataloging was done remotely, working … Continue reading RLG and OCLC

What is your issue?

It is always interesting to read how people reflect on practice in the light of acknowledged environmental change. The provocative statements [pdf, transcribed as HTML here] issued by the Taiga Forum received some attention, and focused some medium term environmental factors and possible responses. I have been looking at some more near-term reflections. Sconul (the … Continue reading What is your issue?

Placing names

Driving home from The Serpent Mound a few weeks ago, we passed through Belfast, Ohio. We have also been to London, Ohio, and, of course, OCLC is located in Dublin, Ohio. I was in Cardiff, Wales, a little while ago [ppt], and will be in Edinburgh, Scotland at the beginning of July, but, although I … Continue reading Placing names

Collections link

I have just come across Collections Link, a UK service. It is … … the new national advisory service for collections management managed by MDA in partnership with the Institute of Conservation (ICON) and the National Preservation Office (NPO). [Collections Link] It carries a range of materials, and presumably will develop further. Such advisory services … Continue reading Collections link

A Friday evening post: a couple of library mentions in early weekend reading

The marvellous Philip French on the Da Vinci Code movie: The one truly funny line, however, is spoken by Hanks and, presumably, it is intended to underpin his intellectual credentials. As he and Tautou are being chased through the streets of London, he is suddenly struck by a major thought: ‘I’ve got to get to … Continue reading A Friday evening post: a couple of library mentions in early weekend reading

Starbucks and perceptions

I finished off my presentation for the Celtic Connections conference last week in a local Starbucks with a wireless connection. This was in the middle of Cardiff. It was buzzing. Stuck for several hours in Newark airport on my way back from Cardiff, I was interested to read the cover story about Starbucks in USA … Continue reading Starbucks and perceptions

QOTD – Bodley’s Librarian

From the further information posted in relation to the advert for Bodley’s Librarian and Director of University Library Services at the University of Oxford. The first holder of the post of Bodley’s Librarian was Thomas James, appointed in 1598. Sir Thomas Bodley enjoined that his Librarian should be ‘one that is noted and known for … Continue reading QOTD – Bodley’s Librarian

A great radio voice

A nice interview with Thom. Thom Hickey discusses OCLC Research, projects, technology, and licensing with Educause’s Matt Pasiewicz In a 23-minute interview, OCLC’s chief scientist covers such topics as OCLC’s Open Source Software offerings and licenses, FRBR and other projects, grid computing and Ajax. [Research [OCLC]]

The Amazon platform

Jim Gray of Microsoft interviews Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon, in the current issue of ACM Queue. It is a very interesting discussion of the importance of the service-oriented approach at Amazon, and also gives a fascinating glimpse of internal working practices. Vogels suggests that Amazon is primarily a technology company, developing a major e-commerce … Continue reading The Amazon platform

No user interface

Amazon recently released its S3 service – a network storage system. Amazon S3 provides a simple web services interface that can be used to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web. [ Amazon Web Services Store: Amazon S3 / Amazon Web Services] It received quite wide coverage. … Continue reading No user interface