Monthly Archives: July 2006

Yeats and the web

I spent several hours at the Yeats exhibition at the National Library of Ireland earlier this week. It was very nicely done and I will come back to some more specific thoughts it prompted about evidence and exhibition, and shared interests between libraries, archives and museums. Motivations for the exhibition include acknowledging the generosity of … Continue reading Yeats and the web

SW Comp

While I was away, Thom announced the Second OCLC Research Software Contest. Details here.

Summer slowing

I have been travelling in the UK and Ireland the last week or so, and have had intermittent access. I have not managed to post this week for that reason. I am heading into a couple of weeks of vacation (aka holiday) so there will be little posting for a while.

Retrospect: You can run but you can’t hide

The video [wvx] of my presentation at the University of Edinburgh is now available. I have received several kind comments and enquiries – surely it wasn’t two and a half hours long 😉 I still cannot get used to the fact that many presentations are often not ‘private’ to you and the immediate audience any … Continue reading Retrospect: You can run but you can’t hide

RLG Programs

On July 1st we were excited to welcome our RLG colleagues to OCLC. We now look forward to building on the joint work of RLG’s programmatic staff and OCLC Research, and working with partners, to create a significant capacity for change within the library, archives and museum communities. Check out the RLG-programs prospectus.

Small pieces ….

We have been interested in the great interest expressed in xISBN. It receives heavy traffic and seems to show how useful an easily recombinable web service can be. Thom compares the newer thingISBN service on LibraryThing with xISBN. Richard Wallis shows xISBN and thingISBN working with a couple more web services.