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Hey … I noticed that the software competition entry was my 1000th! That’s a lot of text 😉

Book Burro

Book Burro by Jesse Andrews was runner up in our software competition. I had seen mention of it before but had not tried it. I have just installed it and is is indeed very nice, as Liz Lawley, one of the judges, discusses. It is a FireFox extension which overlays a small pane on a … Continue reading Book Burro

Ross Singer wins software contest

Probably appropriate to do this as a haiku 😉 To: rsinger@gatech From: OCLC The check’s in the mail. I am pleased to announce that Ross wins our second software contest with Umlaut. Congratulations Ross …! And Jesse Andrews was a very strong runner up with BookBurro. Thanks to judges Thom Hickey, Walt Crawford, Liz Lawley … Continue reading Ross Singer wins software contest

CURL strategic plan

I was interested to come across the CURL Strategic Themes 2006-2008. CURL, for non-UK readers, is the consortium of research libraries in the UK and Ireland. Four themes are suggested: To contribute to the development of a national framework for research support To facilitate new approaches to support for research To enhance resource discovery and … Continue reading CURL strategic plan


We have gotten used to talking about ‘sourcing’, as in outsourcing or insourcing. I have just come across the expression ‘crowdsourcing’: What is crowdsourcing? According to Wikipedia Crowdsourcing is a term coined by Wired magazine writer Jeff Howe and editor Mark Robinson. Crowdsourcing relies upon unpaid or low-paid amateurs who use their spare time to … Continue reading Sourcing

Collaborative Sourcing? Open sourcing?

Paul Courant and Rebecca Griffiths published a paper on open source software recently. It was called Software and collaboration in higher education: a study of open source software and was funded by several institutions, including the Andrew W Mellon Foundation. The final report is available [pdf] and there is a project page at Ithaka. It … Continue reading Collaborative Sourcing? Open sourcing?

The word that will be on everybody’s lips this fall …

… is Zotero. So says Dan Cohen. I’ll write much more in this space about Zotero over the coming year (and beyond), since I conceive it not just as a free EndNote replacement (actually, it’s already much better than EndNote in only its 1.0 release), but as a platform for new kinds of digital research. … Continue reading The word that will be on everybody’s lips this fall …

What do writers and readers expect of the library?

Birte Christensen-Dalsgaard visited OCLC earlier this year, and gave an interesting presentation Developing Denmark’s Next Generation Digital Library: Work Underway at Statsbiblioteket and DEFF [ppt]. One of the most interesting things she talked about was a study being carried out under the auspices of a DEFF project, User expectations and requirements in relation to the … Continue reading What do writers and readers expect of the library?

D2D in Ohio

Our close neighbor, Peter Murray, of Ohiolink, has been posting about Service Oriented Architectures. He has just been elaborating with some examples of how one might organize an integrated discovery to delivery experience across a set of independently managed services. In his example, WorldCat, OhioLink, and local library systems are the independently managed services and … Continue reading D2D in Ohio


If they can keep up the momentum ;-), eFoundations, a new blog by Andy Powell and Pete Johnston of Eduserv, will be worth tracking. Here is Andy beginning a discussion of repository interfaces: Anyway, I digress… to get back to the main point, my answer at the time can be summed up pretty simply. In … Continue reading eFoundations