Monthly Archives: September 2006

A note on Google Book Search and libraries

Recent developments with Google Book Search and links to library catalogs have been noted in several places, and I thought I would just note some stuff here. Several related features: individual results are now carrying a ‘find this book in a library’ link [an example] in the advanced search option you can check an option … Continue reading A note on Google Book Search and libraries


Interesting …. the University of Bristol has a Kwic-style listing under its website A-Z index. It seems to work quite well.

By the sea

Swansea University is by the sea. I like the way they use the sea in the current website design.

The Times we live in: a Friday evening posting

I wanted to look up something in the (London) Times and typed in, only to discover that the (New York) Times has that URL. Now, unlike my children, I still occasionally type in a URL rather than going straight to the search box in the corner, and, ancient that I am, I sometimes even … Continue reading The Times we live in: a Friday evening posting

Audience level in the service layer

I notice that John Blyberg has implemented access to our Audience Level Web Service in PatRest: I’ve updated AADL’s PatREST interface to reflect an addition I’ve made to the PatREST specification (now 1.3). This addition takes advantage of OCLC’s Audience Level indicator. OCLC makes this information available via an XML web service. [] I have … Continue reading Audience level in the service layer

Open Data

Peter Murray Rust writes about Open Data on his recently inaugurated blog. His work in chemical informatics is well known and may be of interest to some readers. However, I am drawn to write this entry by another small point. Having discussed the origins and uses of ‘open data’ as an expression, he suggests: I … Continue reading Open Data

Sphere …

I know some folks who have some elaborate arrangements set up for tracking stuff across a variety of blog search engines. And catch lots of interesting things. Most folks I know probably never use any of them. As Steve Lawson points out various folks have ego-feeds to allow them track mentions of theirs truly (I … Continue reading Sphere …

What is the catalog?

I agreed with the comment Larry Campbell left about the catalog below: … I was particularly interested in your final paragraph above. I think your difficulty with the word “catalogue” reflects only a portion of the difficulty that our users are having with it. The apparently naive question, “what is ‘the catalogue’ anyway?” (with or … Continue reading What is the catalog?

Library way

E41ST uses Flex 2, Amazon web services, and ‘your public library’ to connect an Amazon browsing experience with a look up in a local public library. E41ST is an attempt at making a corner of the web look the way I like to see it! Named after New York’s East 41st Street (Library Way), it … Continue reading Library way

Fingering volumes

In December 2004 I wrote: Walter Benjamin famously asserted that “that which withers in the age of mechanical reproduction is the aura of the work of art”. In his terms, the aura is that which is original or authentic about a work. Aura depends on the position of a work within a tradition and its … Continue reading Fingering volumes