Monthly Archives: September 2006

Search is more than search

Bjørn Olstad, CTO of FAST, presented at Ticer on search [pdf]. A couple of things caught my eye. It would have been nice to hear the presentation – I have only the .ppt to go on. He talks about a move from content management to consumption management. And taking the example of Yellow Pages talks … Continue reading Search is more than search

Gaming and libraries

John Kirriemuir sent me a link to his presentation on gaming and on gaming and libraries, given at the Ticer summer school: Digital libraries a la Carte: new choices for the future. John spends more time on this stuff more than most, so his presentation is a nice overview [ppt]. There are other presentations of … Continue reading Gaming and libraries

Some e-science resources

One of the primary characteristics of current change is that the network is ‘coming inside’: it is becoming a part of routine activities and they are being reconfigured in the process. This is happening everywhere, and in science it goes under the name of ‘e-science’ or ‘cyberinfrastructure’. The UK Research Councils define e-science thus: What … Continue reading Some e-science resources

The power of demand aggregation

There are a couple of interesting recent posts on Hitwise. First, they note that Flickr is the UK’s number one photo site. When they last looked at this in the Spring Flickr was still behind Photobucket. They attribute its improvement to good search engine optimization and searches for what they call ‘soft porn’. They recently … Continue reading The power of demand aggregation