Monthly Archives: November 2006

A couple of reports

A couple of relevant reports have just come over the horizon ….. First, from the Research Information Network in the UK comes an overview [pdf] of researcher resource discovery behaviors and preferences: Search and discovery are critical and integral parts of the research process. As this study shows, researchers devote considerable amounts of time and … Continue reading A couple of reports

Discovery, delivery, distributed inventory management

Resource discovery has been a focus of much attention in recent years. Once discovery opportunities are provided, a focus on delivery is inevitable. Folks want to have what was discovered delivered, to get as well as find. And delivery, broadly understood, has indeed been a major focus of recent activity. For licensed resources this has … Continue reading Discovery, delivery, distributed inventory management

Managing citations and references

My 11 year old daughter was doing a project recently for which she had to do a bibliography. I was interested to see that she used to compile it: this was on the recommendation of one of her classmates. It took some of the pain out of it, and seemed to make it more … Continue reading Managing citations and references

Boffyflow and spike

Peter Binkley has a thoughtful post on libraries and Second Life, which could be generalized to a variety of environments. He kindly notes some of my remarks on putting library services into the flow and goes on to say of Second Life: But is there now, or will there ever be, a workflow there? I … Continue reading Boffyflow and spike

Chicago: a gallimaufry of observations

Light posting this week as we spent Thanksgiving and a couple of additional days in Chicago. Here are some vaguely work-related remarks, and some less so: Discovered in Chicago Comics on North Clark St the following volume: The Illustrated Librarian: 12 temporary tatoos for librarians and booklovers. Includes ‘I love Dewey Decimal System’, ‘Read or … Continue reading Chicago: a gallimaufry of observations

QOTD: Reeling and writhing

From William Gibson’s blog: I would add that talented writers begin as talent readers, though I’ve scarcely heard it remarked upon. [William Gibson]

Data curation

Chris Rusbridge is the Director of the Digital Curation Centre at the University of Edinburgh. About the DCC: Scientists, researchers and scholars across the UK generate increasingly vast amounts of digital data, with further investment in digitisation and purchase of digital content and information. The scientific record and the documentary heritage created in digital form … Continue reading Data curation

Business mashups

Business Week had an article on business mashups a few days ago. Here is one of their smaller examples. For any company mulling mashups, there’s a growing variety of case studies. Caryn Truitt owns Cookies, a small Seattle shop that sells cookie-baking gear. She keeps track of inventory using an accounting program sold by Microsoft … Continue reading Business mashups

Research library symposium

Transcripts and audio recordings of the proceedings of the Research Library in the 21st Century Symposium at the University of Texas at Austin are available. I spoke on one of the panels.


I stumbled across the London Speaker Bureau just now. A pretty impressive roster of speakers just for you. It would have been interesting to know how much they cost. Here is a note on Bob Geldof: Sir Bob Geldof is an influential and inspiring speaker. He is highly entertaining and has great insight into the … Continue reading Upliftment