Monthly Archives: November 2006

Disclosure and repositories again

In the context of talking about disclosure I had it on my list to note Google’s Sitemap some time, and in particular the use of OAI-PMH in this context. The Sitemap Protocol allows you to inform search engines about URLs on your websites that are available for crawling. In its simplest form, a Sitemap that … Continue reading Disclosure and repositories again

Web 2.0 : a quick read

The Guardian supplement has a feature on Web 2.0 where they interview the founders of a set of internet companies (delicious, flickr, bebo, wordpress, blogger, Wikipedia, writely, netvibes, digg, and others). Interviews are short and each is asked what they think Web 2.0 is, what was their ‘big idea’ (to get everything on one page … Continue reading Web 2.0 : a quick read

QOTD: MIT and Southampton

The MIT – Southampton research collaboration around ‘web science’ has been much noted: The Web Science Research Initiative (WSRI) will generate a research agenda for understanding the scientific, technical and social challenges underlying the growth of the Web. Of particular interest is the volume of information on the Web that documents more and more aspects … Continue reading QOTD: MIT and Southampton

Repositories and disclosure

Andy Powell has posted a long and interesting post prompted by the OpenDOAR Custom Search initiative I mention below. In the course of his discussion he makes some points about repositories and discovery that intersect with recent discussion in these pages. Overall, what I conclude from this (once again) is that it is not the … Continue reading Repositories and disclosure