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WGFBC note of first open meeting

A quick note pointing to a summary of the first Open Meeting of the LC Working Group on the Future of Bibliographic Control by Nancy J Fallgren.

A book cloud

My marketing colleague Andy Havens suggested that we think about making the Top 1000 works in Worldcat list that we did a while ago visible in My research colleague Andy Houghton looked into it and here is the result. The list is findable by ISBN, OCLC number, language, genre and time period. Here are … Continue reading A book cloud

Paper platforms

From BuzzMachine: Yesterday, Alan Rusbridger, editor-in-chief of the Guardian, told the staff of his newspaper that now “all journalists work for the digital platform” and that they should regard “its demands as preeminent.” [BuzzMachine » Blog Archive » ‘The web is preeminent’] Folks will notice that I occasionally quote from the Guardian here. This is … Continue reading Paper platforms

Models of metadata and sharing slides

I was looking at the metadata framework proposed by Karen Coyle, Diane Hillman, Jonathan Rochkind and Paul Weiss and was interested to see that the categories they use mapped pretty well onto the categories I have sometimes used when talking about library and related metadata and interoperability. Go forward to slide 29 or click here. … Continue reading Models of metadata and sharing slides

Metadata across cultural domains

An interesting article by Mary W. Elings and my colleague Günter Waibel on cross-domain metadata practices has just appeared. Integrating digital content from libraries, archives and museums represents a persistent challenge. While the history of standards development is rife with examples of cross-community experimentation, in the end, libraries, archives and museums have developed parallel descriptive … Continue reading Metadata across cultural domains


I mentioned Augustine of Hippo the other day, in the context of the interesting work that Google is doing to develop a contextual page for each book (resources about it, resources related to it, etc. See this Penguin Classic with the nice cover, for example). Searching for the ‘City of God’ in Google Book Search … Continue reading GBS FRBR

The scholarly and cultural record

There is an interesting piece by Katie Hafner in today’s NYT arguing that materials left undigitized may be overlooked as the digital record becomes primary. These Steinbeck artifacts are not the only important pieces of history that are at risk of disappearing or being ignored in the digital age. As more museums and archives become … Continue reading The scholarly and cultural record


The first open meeting of the LC Working Group on the Future of Bibliographic Control was held yesterday. I am traveling but will post some thoughts in coming days. Karen Coyle was typing very fast and has posted a series of comments.

The publication profile of the Divine Bohemian

From an article in Sunday’s NYT: A FEW brush strokes have come to define the otherwise obscure 18th-century composer later known as Il Divino Boemo, or the Divine Bohemian: Josef Myslivecek. [Josef Myslivecek – Music – New York Times] The article discusses Myslivecek’s influence on Mozart and his decline in popularity. One of the very … Continue reading The publication profile of the Divine Bohemian

QOTD: Google books

Peter Brantley, the new Director of the Digital Library Federation writes about the library digitization initiatives with Google: We poisoned our hand before we played it. We were approached singly, charmed in confidence, the stranger was beguiling, and we embraced. For the love of selfish confidence, we spoke neither our fortune nor our misgivings with … Continue reading QOTD: Google books