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A small note on the catalog

I visited the University of Virginia last week where I spoke about the future of the catalog. This was more topical than I had realized when I agreed the subject with my hosts! When I arrived, the first thing that people wanted to talk about was Roy Tennant! The second was Worldcat Local. I mentioned … Continue reading A small note on the catalog

A many featured catalogue

The Powerhouse Museum in Sydney has been doing very interesting work on their collection ‘catalogue’. Some of this work is described by Sebastian Chan [blog] at the recent Museums and the Web 2007 conference in San Francisco in a paper well worth reading. Internally called OPAC2.0, the new catalogue put more than 70% of the … Continue reading A many featured catalogue

Google authors

I just came across Google Authors, a series of videos of guest speakers at Google. An interesting variety and different formats (lecture, interview, …). Many are interviewed by Eric Schmidt. Some household names (if you live in a BoBo household, to use the term coined by David Brooks, one of the interviewees [on youtube]) and … Continue reading Google authors


CAVAL carried out a training needs survey in 2006 among libraries in Australia and S.E. Asia. One of the questions asked respondents to list the top three challenges libraries face through to 2010. There were 328 respondents (this number is not broken down by job position of respondent). CAVAL analyzed the responses and came up … Continue reading Challenges

Amazon: a physical web service

I was interested to read about this Amazon service: Since last fall, the program, Fulfillment by Amazon, has allowed independent sellers who list their goods on to use its network of more than 20 distribution centers around the world to fill orders. Now Amazon, which is based in Seattle, is opening the program to … Continue reading Amazon: a physical web service

RLG DigiNews

One of the characteristics of the digital library phase has been the emergence of several web-based journals and magazines focusing on the digital turn in libraries and related institutions. Of course, there has been DLib Magazine, and, in the UK, Ariadne. RLG DigiNews has been an important part of this landscape also. Jim Michalko and … Continue reading RLG DigiNews

Roy Tennant joins OCLC Programs and Research

News is spreading that Roy will be joining RLG Programs in Mid-May. We are delighted and Programs and Research colleagues look forward to working with Roy on many interesting things! Roy talks about his move on his website: Any way you look at it, these are amazing times for libraries. In our time we have … Continue reading Roy Tennant joins OCLC Programs and Research and articles

A couple of folks asked me about article level metadata in as in, for example: Manuel CastellsSeamus DeaneJames Gleick Details are available on the OCLC website: OCLC has added article-level citation records to search results from four FirstSearch base package databases: GPO, ArticleFirst, Medline and ERIC. [Article-level citation records added to [OCLC]] … Continue reading and articles

Top challenges for 2010

Supporting research and learning invisibly

The (admirably brief!) Macquarie University Library strategic plan states: Over the next three years we will be designing and implementing a new technical architecture to underpin all our activities. In this new electronic environment we aim to become “invisible” – by making our services and resources available in a seamless fashion within research, teaching and … Continue reading Supporting research and learning invisibly