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Call me Ishmael.1

Thom has a post talking about his ranking in Google searches for ‘thom’ and ‘hickey’. And, given the importance of the web to the way that people search for information he suggests that it is probably not helpful to organizations, and their employees, to be poorly findable on the web. He draws on a post … Continue reading Call me Ishmael.1

QOTD: keeping Wittgenstein out

Off-topic, but as it is nearly Friday. Here is Frank Kermode reviewing A.E.Housman’s letters in the LRB. I wonder how Wittgenstein felt about this exclusion? The life of a bachelor fellow of Trinity could hardly be described as arduous; the company was distinguished, the wine excellent, the menus subject to his approval and the professorial … Continue reading QOTD: keeping Wittgenstein out

The texting record

I found David Crystal’s remarks about the ‘language’ of texting in Words, Words, Words refreshing, having been in a couple of conversations recently where folks were complaining about it. “Texting language is totally appropriate for its setting” he says. And goes on to note “New genres add to the expressive potential of a language”. To … Continue reading The texting record

QsOTD: Facebook and the social graph

Facebook opened itself up to non-college students a while ago. And weeks ago it opened itself up to other applications through the Facebook platform. It describes itself as a ‘social utility’. Its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, talks about the ‘social graph’, a vast social interconnectedness which propagates news and views. Indeed, folks are talking about it … Continue reading QsOTD: Facebook and the social graph

QOTD: Facing and spacing

Facebook is everywhere. I liked this paragraph from the Guardian business pages: The success of Facebook has not gone unnoticed at News Corp. Asked earlier this month by the Wall Street Journal – which he is looking to buy – why he had not made an offer for another North American newspaper group, Tribune, Mr … Continue reading QOTD: Facing and spacing

Data curation again

I mentioned the forthcoming report on data from Liz Lyon of UKOLN the other day. It has now appeared. Liz Lyon Dealing with Data: Roles, Rights, Responsibilities and Relationships – Consultancy Report [Word] [PDF] (Permalink) [UKOLN – staff – Dr Liz Lyon] Despite its UK focus, this report should make interesting reading more widely. It … Continue reading Data curation again

The integrated library system

A couple of notes on the Integrated Library System. A discussion document on the ILS, prepared at the University of Windsor, has been made available. [Future of the Integrated Library System] This pulls together some commentary on the current state and preferred directions for the ILS. Thanks to the authors for kind references to some … Continue reading The integrated library system

But, what do I really mean to you?

Given the importance of relationships within Facebook, folks would like it to offer a more appropriately expressive set of, er, ‘relationship assertions’ (you get to pick from a list of tick-boxes). An interesting confluence of opinion: Dave Winer, John Naughton, Stu Weibel, Jon Udell.

Joyce books

So, given that yesterday was Bloomsday, here is a quickly produced list of books about Joyce. It is a selection of a hundred or so titles from a Worldcat search with ‘james joyce’ in the title. It was created using the new Worldcat lists feature.

Bloom in Dublin

Today was Bloomsday, the day on which James Joyce’s Ulysses is set. This has gone unremarked on the homepage of the National Library of Ireland, an institution which barely appears to have noticed the web. There is a link to a Joyce e-card gallery on the Dublin City Library homepage but I did not see … Continue reading Bloom in Dublin