Monthly Archives: July 2007

Webification again

Now, what prompted this entry was not so much wanting to note the authorities service as it was coming across the following use of the term webification. This is from a discussion of what is motivating recent acquisitions by Google and Microsoft in the online advertizing arena. What they’re really trying to buy into is … Continue reading Webification again

Early stuff

Thom has a nice post pointing to the materials with the earliest dates in Worldcat. Jars. Early records. Tablets. And ….. a fragment of mummy cloth. Thom has also done a Worldcat List of the ten oldest items he found.

MIT reports

I like the format of the MIT Annual Reports on the web: the library director and her AULs report on major issues in their areas, and relate developments at MIT Libraries to the broader informational, educational and research context. I serendipitously landed on the most recent available report (FY 2005/06) over the weekend and pulled … Continue reading MIT reports