Monthly Archives: September 2007

My home page

Here is a cloud view of words on the ‘front’ page of this blog. I thought ‘interested’ and ‘interesting’ might be bigger, as, despite my best intentions, I always seem to end up saying ‘it is interesting that ….’ or ‘I was interested to see …’ 😉 See here for how I built it.

Rareness is common

One of the findings of the custom collection overlap studies we have done is that rareness is common: there are low overlap levels between collections. The comparison of collections has become a topic of stronger interest as libraries look at mass digitization and shared storage facilities, and pressure on space continues. These are examples of … Continue reading Rareness is common

Give us a subject heading …

I was interested to read the following in Susan Gibbons’ The academic library and the Net Gen student. As gaming becomes a more mainstream pastime and an important element in popular culture, academic libraries should begin to develop collections of books and journals about gaming. To find some recent monographs, search OCLC’s Worldcat using subject … Continue reading Give us a subject heading …