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Transaction costs

I just did an entry on the new report [PDF] on licenses and the re-use of digital materials in the cultural heritage sector from the Eduserv Foundation. Reading the report, it occurred to me that a major rationale here is to reduce the transaction costs involved in using resources by making the conditions of re-use … Continue reading Transaction costs

Licensing use of digital resources

Constant readers – there are a few 😉 – will have noticed several references to outputs from the Eduserv Foundation of late, as well as links to their blog, eFoundations. They are producing a nice body of work. They have just released a new report “Snapshot study on the use of open content licences in … Continue reading Licensing use of digital resources

CRM 2.0

It is interesting to read about the developments within Oracle’s new on-demand customer relationship management offering which is being discussed in various places. What is striking is how the familiar Web 2.0 approaches are coming to enterprise applications: mashups between various data sources, extensive data mining, sharing and commentary. Here is Phil Wainewright: Attendees at … Continue reading CRM 2.0

Worldcat Identities again

Thom has some more details about Worldcat Identities. What is returned is really XML with a reference to an XSL stylesheet to transform the XML into the HTML displayed by the browser. [Outgoing: Links to WorldCat Identities] He talks about how links from Worldcat work and also describes direct linking approaches …

Library History again

A long time ago I wrote …. If you have $495 to spend, or £261.25, you can acquire The Cambridge history of libraries in Britain and Ireland. The publisher claims that this is “The most comprehensive history of libraries from their beginnings to the digital age”. Three volumes, 2072 pages, 4.99 lbs. I would be … Continue reading Library History again

Worldcat Identities

Worldcat Identities went into production as part of over the weekend. It is currently linked to from under the ‘details’ tab. We will be interested to see how it is used and review other integration options over time. One nice feature is that the Tag Cloud (these are FAST headings derived from Library of … Continue reading Worldcat Identities

Webified terminologies again

My colleagues recently organized a meeting to discuss demand for and potential uses of webified terminologies. A strawman document [pdf] was produced to inform the meeting, which provides some use cases. A summary report of the meeting is now available. It seems increasingly clear that if the ‘classic’ terminologies used in our environment are to … Continue reading Webified terminologies again

Parents at the party

From the Guardian: Online spaces are blurring, as universities that podcast and text their students have shown. The Jisc project manager, Lawrie Phipps, explains how the battle lines are being drawn: “Students really do want to keep their lives separate. They don’t want to be always available to their lecturers or bombarded with academic information.” … Continue reading Parents at the party

Presentations in the program

I had not seen this before, but once seen it makes a lot of sense. The Eduserv Foundation organized an event on OpenID: OpenID – online identity for the social network generation of learners and researchers. An interesting topic and there are some interesting presentations. Typically, a program page would end up linking to slides … Continue reading Presentations in the program

Search web service

Under the auspices of OASIS appears a discussion document about the ‘search web service’. The Search web service is a means of opening a database to external enquiry in a standardized manner that facilitates discovery of query and response possibilities and makes it possible for heterogeneous databases to be queried simultaneously with the same or … Continue reading Search web service