Monthly Archives: November 2007

Syndicated readings

I think that reading lists and citation managers are interesting sites of connection between environments. They are potentially ‘portables’, travelling portals onto resources. I was interested to see the following discussion of reading lists on the Intute blog: One solution is to provide links to key quality Internet resources within your VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) … Continue reading Syndicated readings

Webified Dewey

My colleague Michael Panzer discusses issues involved in the ‘webification’ of Dewey in a recent presentation [ppt]. The presentation will briefly introduce a series of major principles for bringing subject terminology to the network level. A closer look at one KOS in particular, the Dewey Decimal Classification, should help to gain more insight into the … Continue reading Webified Dewey

The collective print collection

We have just made available a report on shared storage facilities and the future of print collections as part of the Collective Collection strand of the RLG Programs agenda. It is written by Lizanne Payne, Executive Director of the Washington Research Library Consortium. It reviews storage facility designs and the extent of their use; the … Continue reading The collective print collection


Future reading: digitization and its discontents, an article by Anthony Grafton in the New Yorker, was widely noticed this week. It was nice to see him mention the Worldmap. This was a project we undertook in the context of the Changing Global Book Collection Patterns in ARL Libraries study. Coincidentally, we put up a new … Continue reading Worldmap

Ariadne and national differences

A new issue of Ariadne has appeared. It continues the recent repository theme with articles on the EU-wide Driver initiative and the centrally supported open access initiatives rolled out under the Dare program in the Netherlands. I am often asked about differences between the library environments in the US and the UK, or Europe more … Continue reading Ariadne and national differences

Library website analytics

Our activities in the network world leave traces. The analysis of these traces is now a major undertaking as organizations mine this data to understand behaviors, to improve their systems, and to refine their offer. Tony Hirst has a series of posts about ‘course analytics’: In contrast to the academic analytics, one of the things … Continue reading Library website analytics

HBR interviews LB of the BL

Well, this must be a first! The current issue of the Harvard Business Review carries an interview with Lynne Brindley, Director of the British Library. Do you have a favorite piece from the collection? I never answer that question. I want people to understand that we’re not a museum. We have a responsibility to our … Continue reading HBR interviews LB of the BL