Monthly Archives: December 2007

Library strategy at Emory

I find library strategy documents an interesting indicator of trends. I do think that looking at how organizations present themselves and what is important to them in the documents they produce is revealing, documents such as annual reports, strategies, job ads, websites, org charts, and so on. It would be interesting to see more analysis … Continue reading Library strategy at Emory

Deweybrowser II

A new version of the Deweybrowser has appeared. This is a prototype system with some nice features. It is built using Solr and highlights the use of a classification system in retrieval: The DeweyBrowser, beta version 2.0, has a new interface and updated database. You can search for a topic or drill down through the … Continue reading Deweybrowser II

Bibliographic holiday greetings

We are pleased to bring you once again the OCLC Programs and Research Holiday Card. Best bibliographic wishes to all over the holiday period and into the new year … Click on piechart segments to see the various underlying bibliographic systems:, worldcat identities, and the Deweybrowser …

The personal to global traverse

Network services have accustomed us to move from the personal to the global. Think of iTunes. I have my own local library on my PC which I can synchronize with mobile devices. It is also tightly integrated with the global network iTunes. And the MiniStore uses aggregate buying patterns to make recommendations to me based … Continue reading The personal to global traverse

A graph

The graph is generated by the Nexus Facebook application and shows the connections between my Facebook friends. I was interested in how it roughly broke down into a ‘northern’ and a ‘southern’ concentration. On inspection, it turns out that folks in the Northern concentration are mostly my US friends (and the most highly connected nodes … Continue reading A graph

Small worlds

I spent a couple of days at Kansas University in congenial Lawrence during the week. I flew back to Columbus from Kansas City airport on Thursday evening. However, I did not see my soon-to-be colleague Andrew Pace who was apparently in the airport at the same time ….. When travelling I do sometimes wonder about … Continue reading Small worlds

The union catalogue and collaborative sourcing

The National Library of Australia has released an interesting document about the value of union catalogues in general, and Libraries Australia in particular. Here is the concluding paragraph: As Australian library collections move from managing print-based materials to managing digital and licensed resources, the National Union Catalogue provides a significant platform on which to examine, … Continue reading The union catalogue and collaborative sourcing

Kindle again

I got hold of a Kindle at work the other day, only for an evening as I had to pass it on. I didn’t have it for long enough to form any realistic impression and I did not read a book on it. However, even based on this limited exposure, I thought that the reaction … Continue reading Kindle again

QOTD: a new class of librarians

It is always interesting to read about libraries and librarians when the writer comes from outside the library environment. I have just come across the December 2007 issue of the Canadian University Affairs. It contains an article intriguingly entitled The new librarians. A new class of librarians is emerging: forward-thinking men and women, attuned to … Continue reading QOTD: a new class of librarians