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The big resource rich library

Here is the opening paragraph of an article on libraries and the long tail I wrote a while ago. Discussions of the long tail that I have seen or heard in the library community strike me as somewhat partial. Much of that discussion is about how libraries contain deep and rich collections, and about how … Continue reading The big resource rich library

The new BBC

The BBC is a major web presence, and many people look to it for example. I noted a while ago its pending redesign: From a conceptual point of view, the widgetization adopted by Facebook, iGoogle and netvibes weighed strongly on our initial thinking. We wanted to build the foundation and DNA of the new site … Continue reading The new BBC

Mixing open and restricted access materials

Over the Christmas break I read the interesting Global Ireland: same difference. And, in my convalescence, I have been looking at other materials on this topic. I had a look at OAIster. A search on Ireland and globablization returned quite a few results. I was interested in browsing through the results on the first page: … Continue reading Mixing open and restricted access materials

Blogging and presenting

Blogging has been a bit thin lately – and may continue to be for a few days – as I have been traveling and have not managed to shake off a heavy cold. I gave a presentation at the University of Iowa last week. It is the type of event I like, as you interact … Continue reading Blogging and presenting

QOTD: “To every scholar the library is a personal realm of secret topography.”

Fiona MacCarthy has a very nice article in today’s Guardian about Colin St John Wilson and the building which was to become his life’s work. Perhaps only an intellectual modernist such as Wilson could have tackled the architectural challenges inherent in designing the largest public building in Britain in the 20th century. The British Library … Continue reading QOTD: “To every scholar the library is a personal realm of secret topography.”


I mentioned the IWR interview the other day. Here is how I write about the blog there Q Describe your blog?A I say that it is about “libraries, networks and services”. I suppose that over time it has become more general. At first it had more of a technical slant; now it ranges more widely. … Continue reading Topics

An interesting university web presence

iSoton is an interesting web presence from the University of Southampton. I wonder how well it is being received and used. There are six panels. One displays a (short) list of university podcasts; another displays standard virtual tour stuff. The other four are more interesting. One displays the University’s wikipedia entry. One displays photos from … Continue reading An interesting university web presence

Harvard business blogs

I did an interview about blogging a while ago for Information World Review. One of the things that got left out of the final version was a list of blogs from outside the library world which I read from a work point of view. Here are the blogs I listed. I limited it to four, … Continue reading Harvard business blogs

Worldcat blog

Follow and related developments at the new Worldcat blog.

Data exchange and museums

My colleague Günter Waibel writes about a new RLG Programs project looking at the exchange of metadata between museum systems. Go to the entry for more detail. With the generous support of a $145,000 grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, RLG Programs will gather a select group of museum partners to accomplish the following: … Continue reading Data exchange and museums