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The afterlife of media

I was playing with Rock Band at home the other day – well, moving my fingers anyway. I was struck by the way in which it gave renewed life to old songs. Who would have imagined, for example, that the youth of today would strum, drum and hum along to Should I stay or should … Continue reading The afterlife of media


OCLC distributed around 2 million printed catalog cards last year. They are still being used ….

Reference bookmarks

When to use general network level services to get library work done, and when to develop library-specific approaches?: this is a question that now comes up in several places. Here is an interesting intiative from the National Library of Australia, using to support collaborative virtual reference. AskNow librarians need to balance the time necessary … Continue reading Reference bookmarks

Ranking and citing

For good or ill, universities notice rankings. These are compiled in various ways, including peer assessment and citation analysis. I was interested to come across the work of The Center for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) at Leiden University which is “currently developing a new ranking system entirely based on its own bibliometric indicators”. They … Continue reading Ranking and citing

QOTD: Reading again

Steven Johnson, author of Everything bad is good for you: how today’s popular culture is making you smarter, writes about a couple of recent discussions of reading, including the much discussed NEA report. : The problem with both arguments is that they’re fundamentally rehashing the technological opposition of the television age, the kind of opposition … Continue reading QOTD: Reading again

Evergreen and Pines

There is a lot of buzz around Evergreen: there is excitement about an open source integrated library system. There is another aspect of it that is interesting, which I haven’t seen so much discussion about. Evergreen was developed to support PINES in Georgia. It was designed to support consortial working. (And yes, I understand that … Continue reading Evergreen and Pines

Let me be open with you …

‘open’ is a word that usually needs to be qualified to be of any use in our conversations. Simply standing on its own it is not clear what it means. Unless qualified the word is like ‘home made’, ‘new’ or ‘natural’, a widely applied promotional label with little informational value. The storm in a teacup … Continue reading Let me be open with you …

QOTD: a lifted study-storehouse

I mentioned the other day that the Times had nominated Philip Larkin, poet and librarian (“the toad work“) as the greatest British writer since 1945. Through the wonders of resource sharing I have got hold of a copy of his history of the library at the University of Hull, updated by Maeve Brennan (from Western … Continue reading QOTD: a lifted study-storehouse