Monthly Archives: March 2008

Copyright investigation practices

My Programs colleagues have released an interesting review [pdf] of copyright investigation practices across several RLG Partners. In this project, staff from eight partner institutions participated in copyright investigation interviews between August and September 2007 to share the ways in which their institutions currently obtain copyright permission to provide users with access to high-risk or … Continue reading Copyright investigation practices


Stanford researchers collected data from and come to some pretty interesting conclusions about tagging. Of course, they are talking about tagging of web pages where the text of the tagged item is available for indexing. Social bookmarking is a recent phenomenon which has the potential to give us a great deal of data about … Continue reading Tags


A few years ago, my colleague Brian Lavoie wrote an influential white paper on the economics of digital preservation: The Incentives to Preserve Digital Materials: Roles, Scenarios, and Economic Decision-Making [pdf]. The paper developed a framework within which to think about the economics of digital based on the incentives, or lack of incentives, to preserve … Continue reading Incentives


I did a search on ILS in Google earlier. The top result was for a website called where the ILS stands for Inventory Locator Service. It is a supply chain company for the aviation and allied businesses. Inventory Locator Service is not a bad name for what we call the ILS? The first library-related … Continue reading ILS

SSEO for libraries

Well, another very fine issue of the Code4Lib Journal has appeared. Jody L DeRidder has an interesting piece describing how they used browsable link pages (by subject, name, ..) and sitemaps to improve the visibility of a particular resource to search engines. The discussion gets into some of the issues of trying to get crawled, … Continue reading SSEO for libraries

Research Outputs Repository Platform from Microsoft

Savas Parastatidis announces the announcement of a platform from Microsoft to support ‘research output repositories’. At the Open Repositories 2008 conference, we will formally unveil our work in advance of its official release and initiate interactions/exchanges with the DSpace, EPrints, Fedora, and other players in the repository community. This is crucial to us because—like every … Continue reading Research Outputs Repository Platform from Microsoft

Columbus – tech city

A little off topic .. but I was interested to see Columbus, Ohio, listed as number one in a report of a list of Top 10 Up-and-Coming Tech Cities. This is the result of work done by Philip Auerswald, professor of public policy at George Mason University. The brief report highlights the location of … Continue reading Columbus – tech city

Full disclosure?

An interesting announcement from CLIR about a $4.27M competitive program to describe hidden collections has just appeared. The existence of such collections must be more fully disclosed if they are to release more of their value in research and learning: With generous funding from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Council on Library and Information … Continue reading Full disclosure?

Search University research outputs here?

I mentioned iSoton a few weeks ago, an exploratory twopointification of a University of Southampton web presence (and see the follow-up conversation on Brian Kelly’s blog). As many readers will know, Southampton is the home of major R&D, advocacy and support activities for open access (see the page). I was looking for the eprints … Continue reading Search University research outputs here?

An unadorned home page

I was quite taken with the very plain University of Oxford home page. It is like a sign hung beside the front gate.