Monthly Archives: April 2008

QOTD: network-free

From Fred Stutzman, who is looking for network-free moments in which to ‘code, write or create‘: In an attempt to resist the encroachment of network into the spaces of productivity, I’ve created Freedom. Freedom is a Mac application that disables your computer’s networking capabilities for a selected time interval. Some of you may turn off … Continue reading QOTD: network-free

Libraries of the future

I spoke at the JISC conference in Birmingham last week. It was at a session related to the JISC’s Libraries of the Future initiative. A special supplement on academic libraries is appearing in the Guardian Newspaper to accompany the initiative. A range of topics is covered; the treatment is high level and journalistic, as you … Continue reading Libraries of the future

Black and white movies again ….

A late Friday afternoon note ….. I was watching an old episode of 8 simple rules this morning. Rory had to do a book report on To Kill a Mocking Bird. His father got the Gregory Peck movie, but his mother suggested he actually read the book, or read the book and watch the movie. … Continue reading Black and white movies again ….

QOTD: predominant transportation method, texting and reading

Having moved from London to the Mid-west we are very aware of the impact of location on life-style, the switch from public transport to the car being a major example. In this context, I was interested to read this paragraph by Castells et al in Mobile communication and society: a global perspective which I am … Continue reading QOTD: predominant transportation method, texting and reading

Platforming a library network: destination and switch

I recently came across xignite, a financial web services company. Here is their blurb …. Financial events around the world impact not only finance professionals but every business. This is why successful businesses integrate key financial information into the processes and applications their employees or clients use every day. Until now, this integration has been … Continue reading Platforming a library network: destination and switch

Information also wants to be expensive

I bought [i] a New York Times yesterday in our local Borders and, over coffee, was interested to open up a large two page spread advertising the newly named Thomson Reuters, A new name and a new logo. I was interested to read the following in the business pages (under an ‘advertising’ label). Thomson’s desire … Continue reading Information also wants to be expensive

Enlarging the anglosphere

I am en route from the UK to the US, and was interested to read an article by Gordon Brown, Enlarging the Anglosphere, in today’s WSJ Opinion pages. He is talking about how to renew and extend relationships between the US and the UK and proposes a list of areas for attention. I was struck … Continue reading Enlarging the anglosphere

The Integrated Library System: status and future

Library Management Systems Study: An Evaluation and horizon scan of the current library management systems and related systems landscape for UK higher education [pdf] is a report commissioned by JISC and SCONUL which has just appeared. It is quite long, including an environmental scan, interviews with library system vendors, reports of a survey of librarians, … Continue reading The Integrated Library System: status and future


I am in Dublin (Ireland) for a couple of days and was interested to see Fintan O’Toole writing about archives and genealogy in the Irish Times yesterday (behind a paywall). He contrasts two views of genealogy, one that it is about tourism, one that it is about culture and the stories we tell ourselves about … Continue reading Genealogy

Memories, memories ..

I enjoyed the UKOLN thirtieth anniversary celebration at the British Library last week. It was good to see people from across the years, and Liz Lyon and her UKOLN colleagues did a very fine media narrative of how the organization has evolved. I was struck by how much has happened in that time and was … Continue reading Memories, memories ..