Monthly Archives: April 2008

Digital preservation

The New York Times carries an article this week about the economics of digital preservation. The context is the NSF Blue Ribbon Task Force on Sustainable Digital Preservation and Access co-chaired by my colleague Brian Lavoie. All that work is going on, Dr. Lavoie said, but “that misses the point” that the task force was … Continue reading Digital preservation

The musical record

I was reading an interview with Elvis Costello yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to come across this question from the interviewer, David Hepworth: Right. I was interested, you did those reissues, and they’re doing them again, and you’ve got huge numbers of B sides and live recordings and all this kind of stuff, do you … Continue reading The musical record

The network level

Jeremy Frumkin of Oregon State University talks to Merrilee Proffitt about library services and moving to the network level in the second Parcast [file is here]. This is in response to the question “what keeps you awake at night?”. What is a Parcast? Welcome to the OCLC Programs and Research PARcast page. Here you’ll find … Continue reading The network level

Some thoughts about egos, objects, and social networks …

More of a linked list of other people’s thoughts … about egos and objects. I quote some pieces below: all of the posts are suggestive and worth reading. The linking theme is that people connect and share themselves through ‘social objects’, pictures, books, or other shared interests, and that successful social networks are those which … Continue reading Some thoughts about egos, objects, and social networks …

Scots Wikipedia

[Note: the links in the Wikipedia quotes do not work as I have not changed the relative URLs to absolute ones] I was looking up James Connolly just now as I prepare some slides for a presentation at the 2008 LIR Annual Seminar. The event is being held in Liberty Hall, which has a historic … Continue reading Scots Wikipedia

Conference amplification creates tremor

I have mentioned before the tremor an event can sometimes cause in your communications fabric, as it pops up among your Facebook friends, in your RSS aggregator, and so on. So with Open Repositories 2008. A note about amplifying activities from a description of the event … One interesting innovation was using Crowdvine to create … Continue reading Conference amplification creates tremor

Serendipitous encounter through tags

The University of Michigan has introduced a social bookmarking application, MTagger. Here is Ken Varnum: More important than the tagging functionality itself is what MTagger will allow our faculty, staff, and students to do. MTagger brings a social component to research that we have not previously had. It will allow users to share knowledge about … Continue reading Serendipitous encounter through tags

The big switch

I have just finished Nicholas Carr’s The Big Switch. Here is a sample: The complexity and inefficiency of the client-server model have fed on themselves over the last quarter century. As companies continue to add more applications, they have to expand their data centers, install new machines, reprogram old ones, and hire ever larger numbers … Continue reading The big switch