Monthly Archives: May 2008

The heart of the University

Recently, it seems to me I have heard the sentiment that the library is no longer the ‘heart of the university’ expressed several times. If not the heart, which organ? I wonder …. Photo credit: taken by my colleague Günter Waibel at Sterling Memorial Library, Yale.

Recommendation and Ranganathan

From time to time, we see a discussion about the relative merits of Google, or Amazon, and library catalogs as retrieval or search engines. There is one main difference that doesn’t tend to get discussed much, and that has to do with the type of data that gets factored into the experience. Increasingly, we are … Continue reading Recommendation and Ranganathan

Tagging at the network level

There is a fascinating entry by Seb Chan of the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney documenting experiences one month into their participation in the Commons on Flickr. The Powerhouse Museum has been alert to various ways of combining professional and audience metadata in its services. It was an early comer to the Commons, joining the Library … Continue reading Tagging at the network level

Boxed in: a set of search boxes

Libraries have major challenges in developing their websites. Think just of the information resources they provide access to. There are locally managed resources: a catalog, a repository or two, informational pages, and so on. And there are many remote resources: licensed databases, links to web pages, and so on. And there are pages which try … Continue reading Boxed in: a set of search boxes

Computational advertising

I was very interested to read this brief piece about the ‘new discipline’ of ‘computational advertising’: Web advertising is the primary driving force behind many Web activities, including Internet search as well as publishing of online content by third-party providers. A new discipline – Computational Advertising – has recently emerged, which studies the process of … Continue reading Computational advertising

The electronic influences the print

I have just received a copy of Web-based learning through educational informatics from my helpful colleagues in the OCLC Library and Information Center. I have not yet read it, although I look forward to it. The author, Nigel Ford, describes educational informatics as the integration of three major R&D emphases: information and communication technology, education … Continue reading The electronic influences the print

Some reading

Here are links to several unrelated publications ….. Reconfiguring the Library Systems Environment portal: Libraries and the Academy, Vol. 8, No. 2, April 2008. (.pdf: 195K/18 pp.) [Lorcan Dempsey: Selected publications [OCLC]] This is a short piece adapted from an earlier blog entry. Lavoie, Brian, and Günter Waibel. An Art Resource in New York: … Continue reading Some reading

On gurus: reputation management and digestibility

Tom Davenport has created a list of the top 20 management gurus for the Wall Street Journal. Psychologists, journalists and celebrity chief executives crowd the top of a ranking of influential business thinkers compiled for The Wall Street Journal. The results, based on Google hits, media mentions and academic citations, ranked author and consultant Gary … Continue reading On gurus: reputation management and digestibility

Touch screen

When we tried out the Kindle a while ago, my son immediately began to touch the screen. But no, the only effect was to leave marks. This morning in our local Border’s I noticed that they had little notices stuck above the screens of their enquiry system. They said that these were not touch screen … Continue reading Touch screen

A gallimaufrey of items

Some items of possible interest which were in a little email pile waiting for attention …… Arrow An Australian colleague alerted me to the redesign of the Arrow Discovery Service. Arrow aggregates access to Australian research repositories. Welcome to the ARROW Discovery Service – where you can search 143,582 Australian research outputs, including theses; preprints; … Continue reading A gallimaufrey of items