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Linking to Identities

Thom has a note about linking to Worldcat Identities. The current API has various aspects ….. here is a list with examples for the two simpler approaches. See Thom’s post for fuller detail. 1. Direct linking using an LCCN. Here is the link for Van Morrison: 2. OpenURL See Thom’s post for the detail. … Continue reading Linking to Identities

Two from Elsevier: Article 2.0 and interdisciplinary

Two unrelated notes about Elsevier initiatives. The first about a competition in which they are making available an article-based data set for recombination in external environments or applications. The second about a study of Science Direct usage which shows different patterns of interdisciplinary behavior across disciplines. Although, one could push a contrived relation, I suppose, … Continue reading Two from Elsevier: Article 2.0 and interdisciplinary

Encore at Glasgow

I was interested to come across the Encore implementation at the University of Glasgow. This is still in development, but here is a description of current features … Encore is a new way of searching the Library catalogue offering: single search box relevance ranked results location & availability details links to electronic resources easy ways … Continue reading Encore at Glasgow


Not surprising really, but I was interested to realize recently how much more real IPR issues are for my children than they were for me. A couple of indicators …. Brand. They are very aware of brands – for clothes, accessories, and so on. More particularly, they have a sense of the ‘aura’ attaching to … Continue reading IPR

Calais – entity identification in the cloud

Calais is a web service provided by Thomson Reuters, currently at no charge. Calais enhances your content with rich semantic metadata. Using your content as a starting point you can utilize Calais to automatically add metadata such as entities (people, places, organizations, etc.), facts (John Doe works for Acme Corporation as the CEO), and events … Continue reading Calais – entity identification in the cloud

The institutional web presence again

I pointed to Brian Kelly’s note about the evolution of the University of Bath’s web presence the other day. Brian works at UKOLN, which is at the University of Bath. He uses the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine to chart how the University’s web presence changed over the years, and makes some observations about design and … Continue reading The institutional web presence again

Not your parent’s catalog

In a meeting the other day, I was struck by the number of systems environments where a library might now put access to catalog data. And I am focusing on what we still call catalog data, while acknowledging that this provides access to a part only of the library collection. Institutional The ‘classic’ catalog: provides … Continue reading Not your parent’s catalog

xISSN and Title History Tool

xISBN is now well established. xOCLCNUM was introduced a while ago, as an aspect of the xISBN service. xISBN is now being joined by xISSN, a new Web service. With this service you can supply an ISSN, and find out about any predecessor, successor, and alternate ISSNs and titles, and find the electronic ISSN for … Continue reading xISSN and Title History Tool


A new Worldcat Facebook application is now available: CiteMe. Get formatted citations in APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA, or Turabian style. Start by searching for an item in WorldCat, the world’s largest network of library content and services. Find your title in the results, click the Get citations links, and you’re done. [Facebook | CiteMe]

The Bath University record

As more of the “institutional record” gets pushed to the institutional website (‘brochureware’, prospectuses, course catalogs, annual reports, newsletters, etc) it raises interesting questions about who manages that institutional memory and about how it is managed. I worked at the University of Bath for many years. My former colleague Brian Kelly has an interesting set … Continue reading The Bath University record