Monthly Archives: June 2008

Institutional discovery systems

The University of Wisconsin – Madison has made available its report about institutional discovery services [pdf]. Compare Google searching to the many steps and decisions one must make in order to locate a scholarly article on the UW-Madison Libraries Web site and you get a sense of the problem. [Resource Discovery Exploratory Task Force Final … Continue reading Institutional discovery systems

QOTD: All the news that is fit to print ….

All the news that is fit to print is not enough any more …. From the Yahoo! developer network blog. Lately there’s been quite a few changes in “old school” media, with radio stations and TV channels starting developer programs. The newest wave seems to be newspapers embracing the new media to a fuller extend … Continue reading QOTD: All the news that is fit to print ….

Google and virtual bookshelf

SEO by the Sea wonders about Google’s plans for what it calls a ‘virtual bookshelf site’. It presents a list of 13 such sites, from GoodReads to BookJetty. It then reviews a pretty interesting patent application from Google. A patent application for a virtual bookshelf program from Google was published last month, and it provides … Continue reading Google and virtual bookshelf

Long Room Hub

The picture selected to accompany Robert Darnton’s article about research libraries in the New York Review of Books was of the Long Room in Trinity College Dublin. Robin Adams mentioned this at the RLG Programs Digitization and the Humanities: Impact on Libraries and Special Collections Symposium earlier today. He also mentioned an interesting initiative to … Continue reading Long Room Hub


Often when people talk about Google it is as if it is something stable. But things are always moving on. There is an interesting, if somewhat high-level, overview of search quality by Udi Manber on the Google Blog which talks some of the ways in which Google decides how to enhance its services. He talks … Continue reading Googling