Monthly Archives: July 2008

Metadata crosswalk web service

Metadata crosswalks are becoming more important as more data flows from application to application. We have been working on this issue and the approach was described a while ago in the Code4Lib Journal. This paper discusses an approach and set of tools for translating bibliographic metadata from one format to another. A computational model is … Continue reading Metadata crosswalk web service

Buying books … sometimes

When I was in Edinburgh recently I spent some time trying to find Dai Smith‘s recently published biography of Raymond Williams (which was published in the UK, but not yet in the US). It was not to be had in Blackwell’s or Waterstones and I was surprised not to find it in Word Power Books. … Continue reading Buying books … sometimes

SEO is part of our business

John Wilkin has another nice post, talking about making resources available in such a way as to make them more likely to be crawled by Google and hence more generally discoverable and, importantly, useful and used. We often go wrong, however, when we try to share our love of complexity with the consumers. We’ve come … Continue reading SEO is part of our business

Mobile apps and Google traffic

I have mentioned the often interesting Hitwise blog a few times. They have presented a couple of interesting analyses recently. One looks at the searches for mobile applications after the recent new iPhone release. They look at specific applications and also at general application areas. It is interesting seeing the emphasis on social networking, communication … Continue reading Mobile apps and Google traffic

Van the Man

Something for the weekend ….. I have been interested to observe the disappearance of many Van Morrison songs from YouTube over the last while. I used to look at some from time to time. For example, there were a couple of videos of Cassandra Wilson’s wonderful interpretation of Tupelo Honey which are now gone. The … Continue reading Van the Man

The institutional record and web archiving

As an institution’s web presence becomes more central to its identity and business life, it will be interesting to see how long it is before we have more routine approaches to selectively capturing and archiving institutional web resources. One of the interesting things about this topic, as with many we now face, is that effective … Continue reading The institutional record and web archiving

Quotes of the day: scholars on Google Book Search

Here is John Sutherland on Google Book Search …. What we are witnessing this year is the beginning of the greatest act of recovered memory in the history of our species. The next decade will be the age of the unimaginably vast archive. More particularly, the dynamic and usable archive. The archive, that is, which … Continue reading Quotes of the day: scholars on Google Book Search

The professional poet

Going a little off topic for this weekend message. Put aside your prejudices about the poet. Eavan Boland (poet and Stanford professor) writes about the ‘skills’ modern poets require if they are to thrive. Perhaps an opportunity for business schools to diversify into professional development courses for poets? Whether we like it or not, the … Continue reading The professional poet

Reading and writhing

The Nicholas Carr article in the Atlantic – Does Google make us stupid? – has generated a lot of commentary. Carr himself has just pointed to an Edge discussion and an Encyclopedia Britannica discussion. I have commented on the perils of distraction a couple of times recently. Once when talking about the ease with which … Continue reading Reading and writhing

Yeats again

I mentioned visiting the very nicely done Yeats exhibition at the National Library of Ireland in these pages a couple of years ago. There is a very positive story about it in the NYT today. They highlight some of the digital elements of the exhibition ….. The notebook is one of thousands of elements in … Continue reading Yeats again