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RLG Partnership

We have just released a highlights report [pdf] about our work over the last year in support of the RLG Partnership. It is a very nice record of achievement and has a range of useful pointers to documents and intiatives.

The future of media?

As we have been traveling I haven’t been watching a lot of TV, I thought I would go and have a look at a few videos of discussed Olympic events. The BBC is usually my first port of call for things like this, but of course, as noted previously, they will not allow their video … Continue reading The future of media?


I bought Walter Benjamin at the Dairy Queen by Larry McMurtry while on vacation in Dublin last week. I had read a review of his recent Books: a memoir on the plane over and this prompted me to pick it up when I saw it, appropriately enough maybe, given its discussion of book selling and … Continue reading post_9

Worldcat API

The Worldcat API was released beyond the original trial group while I was away. The WorldCat Search API provides access to WorldCat bibliographic records and holdings using the FRBR concepts to pull together various editions of the same work. The API provides access to the WorldCat databases from clients that can send RESTful URI queries … Continue reading Worldcat API


I am on holiday in Ireland so no posting in the last few days, or for the next ….

Texting shelf information

I have heard of people photographing catalog results with their cell phones and heading off to the shelves. And now I have just come across the Tripod library catalog. You can text yourself the bibliographic details – see the icon on the entry above. Here is what happens when you click on it …. They … Continue reading Texting shelf information

Stuck in the middle ….

Much of our current model of network information and communication behavior is in the middle ground, it is based on the personal computer (desk- or lap-top) as a consumption target and the organizational website as the delivery target. In other words, the library website is the front door to network library services consumed on the … Continue reading Stuck in the middle ….

Selecting snippets

Her Worldcat Identities page currently appears on the first page of results in a search for Eavan Boland Thom Hickey mentioned steps that his group is taking to make Identities more crawler-friendly in a recent post. Looking through various results with him the other day, the Boland snippet caught our eye. If you look at … Continue reading Selecting snippets

Google was here

We live a hundred yards or so off High Street, the historic North-South thoroughfare in Columbus. In fact, the picture below is taken from High Street and the exit is the entrance to our street. I just noticed this on Google Maps; I don’t know how long they have had it up. They are getting … Continue reading Google was here

From GLAM to Columbus

I use GLAM as a category on this blog, standing duty for Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums. We do not have a great collective name for these institutions. Sometimes we may use memory institutions or organizations, but it can sound a little contrived. I was interested to see Tara Brabazon writing about ‘GLAMS’ in the … Continue reading From GLAM to Columbus