Monthly Archives: December 2008

Cultural heritage resources at UKOLN

I notice that my former colleagues at UKOLN have created a set of web pages pulling together support services for the cultural heritage communities … What will you find here? Information on a range of topics relating to the use of digital resources and technology. Follow the Topic links in the right hand side bar … Continue reading Cultural heritage resources at UKOLN

Zotero and WC lists

I have been looking at Zotero again while on vacation, as one does. I was impressed earlier to be able to import WorldCat lists to Zotero courtesy of Coins. Go to the citations view for the list and click on the Zotero folder icon in the address bar (assuming you have Zotero installed). It asks … Continue reading Zotero and WC lists

Social networks and citation tools for scientists

And speaking of Nature Network, I was interested to see this list of ‘social networks’ for scientists at the Science@Cambridge site. Science Social Networks Research Gate Nature Networks 2collab Within3 (for Medics) [science@cambridge: science portal for Cambridge students | Cambridge University Library] And the following list of citation tools, including Connotea, the Nature service: Citation … Continue reading Social networks and citation tools for scientists


A little off topic … I was interested just now to come across magazine, an online presence devoted to the representation of science in literature. is dedicated to real laboratory culture and to the portrayal and perceptions of that culture – science, scientists and labs – in fiction, the media and across popular … Continue reading LabLit