Monthly Archives: January 2009

Stock ideas

I was looking at iStockphoto earlier for something and on a whim searched for ‘library’. If stock photographs capture stock ideas about things, then it is clear what people still think about libraries …. Incidentally, I liked the ‘flame’ coming out of the top of the images: it indicates how ‘hot’ an item is based … Continue reading Stock ideas

Metadata creation practices

We have released a report on metadata creation practices based on a survey of RLG partner institutions. 134 responses from 67 institutions were received. Ayers, Leighann, Beth Picknally Camden, Lisa German, Peggy Johnson, Caroline Miller and Karen Smith-Yoshimura. 2009. What We’ve Learned from the RLG Partners Metadata Creation Workflows Survey. Published online at: [pdf]. … Continue reading Metadata creation practices

Top Tech Trends gets amplified

Roy writes about how Top Tech Trends has become an amplified conference.

Breakthrough ideas

The Harvard Business Review list of breakthrough ideas for 2009 had a few interesting entries. My favorite was the ‘IKEA Factor’ …. we do often see examples where folks are reluctant to let go of things they have invested time and resource in. Institutional memory goes digital Suppose every utterance and facial expression at a … Continue reading Breakthrough ideas

MLA welcomes Obama

The Museums, Libraries and Archives Council in the UK welcomes the inauguration of Barack Obama, quoting from his speech at the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago, June 2005. Here is how the piece opens …. During an especially historic week, the MLA, and its Chief Executive Roy Clare, would like to welcome Barack Obama into … Continue reading MLA welcomes Obama

Phone home

Mike Leigh’s film Happy-go-Lucky has been doing well, and Sally Hawkins who plays the lead won a Golden Globe for her performance. We liked it much less than the critics appeared to, including the excellent Philip French. (French reviews it in the Observer; while looking for this I came across a different view from Kevin … Continue reading Phone home

Collective collection policies

One of the more interesting library developments in recent years has been the growing interest in cooperative approaches to the storage and management of collections. This has been made more real by pressures on space, and the opportunity cost of using that space to house print collections. Such collaborative sourcing throws up the need for … Continue reading Collective collection policies

Libraries and research information practice

I am pleased to note the appearance of a new report which synthesizes research findings about scholarly information practices and draws out lessons for libraries .. Palmer, Carole L., Lauren C. Teffeau and Carrie M. Pirmann. 2009. Scholarly Information Practices in the Online Environment: Themes from the Literature and Implications for Library Service Development. Report … Continue reading Libraries and research information practice

Library website analytics

I have just been looking at the presentation [ppt] given by Tony Hirst and Hassan Sheikh to Internet Librarian International last October. They report the results of their analysis of traffic to the home page of the Open University Library using Google Analytics. Here are some of the things that I noticed: The most clicked … Continue reading Library website analytics

A referenceable list

My colleague Constance Malpas has created an interesting Worldcat List in support of ongoing work: Selected print-only, refereed scholarly journals in the humanities with fewer than 50 aggregate library holdings. Holdings count limited to recs containing ISSN and English-language cataloging. [RLG Prospective Journals Preservation Project – sample titles] This is an interesting list in itself. … Continue reading A referenceable list